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Zhao Wenzhuo sues actor of villa of extend of painter neighbour do sth without a
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Actor Zhao Wen Zhuo thinks painter Fang Lijun is below the condition that did not obtain any construction licenses, do sth without authorization undertakes changing extend to villa, the daylighting that affected him building, ventilated with eye shot, tell Fang Lijun the court, ask its demolish extend building, restorable. The reporter learns, sunny district court accepted this proposal formally already.

Zhao Wenzhuo and square Li Jun are to be located in sunny park the owner of village of villa of Dong Andong hill, two people are neighbour. Say according to Zhao Wenzhuo, 2006, fang Lijun is entered east hill villa village. This year on May 12, he discovers Fang Lijun is in place of its villa introduction to undertake revising extend project. In the meantime, beijing amounts to cultural relic course of study to run limited company east management of hill villa property is in a staff member to be in perambulatory when discovery, fang Lijun is in eliminate establishs a range outside the building before its building study, understand Fang Lijun to plan extend of northeast beside this building lanai side two buildings. Because should change enlarge Construction Bank to be permitted to did not acquire any engineering construction, and violated relevant administration laws and regulations and owner temporarily the regulation of convention, property company staff member sent case to undertake checking instantly, report urban government administration was in charge of a branch to undertake the spot executes the law.

However, fang Lijun neglects property company check for many times, this year in July, still completed the extend project of two buildings. Zhao Wenzhuo thinks, the building of Fang Lijun extend caused serious keep out to its building, the daylighting that hampered its reside housing house, ventilated with eye shot, ever asked Fang Lijun suspends extend action instantly, reinstate building original state, but suffer Fang Lijun refuse. Zhao Wenzhuo tells a court accordingly.

Fang Lijun is the delegate with the 89 new artistic the most fundamental trend after China, the series that its produce " bareheaded spills a skin " figure has made a kind of classical language magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune. This is he tells artist of village of city the Song Dynasty in be involved in defendant is become again after lawsuit of village house property. Because Fang Lijun looks forefathers is in abroad, he did not make a response to this case.

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