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Pan Shige: SCity of building of " of the Olympic Games after the " since OHO nex
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Yesterday (26 days) , pan Shige declares SOHO China president, SOHO China will issue all is in to company division on September 1 carry out project raises price in the round. This also is Beijing is oppugned extensively in industry " hind Olympic Games " the sensitive period of building city, first put forward to rise in price strategic estate develops business.

Be aimed at the plan that raises price, panshi towerings like a mountain peak the explanation says, from 2008 arrive first now, of raw material price rise considerably. Among them, rise in price in the model that builds a project to use rolled steel 70% , cement rises in price 30% . "Raising price this is to offset one part builds the rise of cost. " Pan Shige expresses. And SOHO China did not disclose the specific extent that raise price at present.

The data shows, at present SOHO China basically has residence of Beijing of SOHO of 3 lis of collect, SOHO to wait in the project of carry out. Among them, SOHO of 3 lis of collect is heated up from July sell up to now, with one action drives Beijing to clinch a deal that month quantity. Data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, up to when distributing news dispatches, this project clinchs a deal in all more than yuan 5.687 billion, make the main item of capital of Pan Shige steam again.

Occupy message personage additionally to divulge, the Pan Shige with the abundant financing after Hong Kong appears on the market still is in the whole nation is high-key search investment project. "Did not contend for ground king to become the basis that business of a few development stood firm 2008 when 2007, for instance Panshi towerings like a mountain peak. In the period with at present stabler price, the it is particular to develop business to have capital actual strength that these hands hold heavy gold reveals a building through raising price dish character, begin to be land of active hoard for speculation of landed ox city below one round. " analytic personage says.

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