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Beijing building city is dynamic: City of the Milky Way pushs tower to fall cont
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"Last week 6 (on August 30) we 6 period open quotation, roll out 120 all valence 11000 yuan / the house of smooth rice, weekday sold " . Yesterday (on September 3) , the salesperson tells city of the Milky Way the reporter, city of the Milky Way 6 period just make work the room source of exhaust, the city of the Milky Way that makes work than still be in at present 5 period fully cheap 5000 yuan / smooth rice.

"Product form is different so the price also has bigger difference " , according to salesperson introduction, the price 11000 yuan / the city of the Milky Way of smooth rice 6 period, it is the 13-16 layer of 16 tower, and the city of the Milky Way that making work at present residence of bud of 5 period royal seal, it is the board building of 6 electrified ladder, belong to low density residence, the price remains 16000 yuan / smooth rice, before mixing, did not change, odd a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is close to 100.

As we have learned, city of the Milky Way 6 period still will roll out 13 the following floor next, door model the area makes the same score rice for 30-90, but open quotation time and value are uncertain still.

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