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Mrs. Feng Lun 20 million buy 10 thousand apartment to deny think to carry brace
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10 thousand real estate deny Wang Shuqi to be opposite in order to express through this action the confidence of the company, say " this is pure belong to an individual behavior "
A price is close 20 million yuan apartment, was bought by the madam Wang Shuqi of president Feng logical sequence recently. It is almost in the meantime, 10 thousand real estate announce to plan to issue 1 billion yuan of debenture with financing. Wang Shuqi buys a house, be thought by partial researcher force holds out oneself enterprise, carry of purpose brace up share price. And this total prices 1 billion yuan debenture, possible in the two estate after March difficulty period begins enter an item in an account properly.

President madam buys a house

10 thousand real estate: Belong to individual behavior completely

10 thousand real estate bought room be related technically on August 8 to release correlation to trade with respect to Wang Shuqi announcement.

Wang Shuqi at paid on August 5 total money, buy international of Beijing new city 4 period apartment. Apartment gross area is 375.03 square metre, the price is nineteen million two hundred and twenty-one thousand seven hundred and forteen yuan. Wang Shuqi still bought a 200 thousand yuan car. Announcement says, the correlation of Wang Shuqi and company trades 5% what the forehead did not achieve company net assets, also did not exceed 30 million yuan.

Wang Shuqi buys this house below, price of every square metre exceeded 50 thousand yuan. Explanation of 晞 of dawn of Cheng of secretary of 10 thousand landed board of directorses says, section of department of this public dwelling place belongs to capital gold " CBD " area, and department clothbound is repaired. By development business Beijing limited company of development of estate of 10 thousand buy establishs house price, accord with all and relevant provision.

Real estate of 10 thousand buy is 10 thousand real estate accuse a subsidiary of 60% . Cheng Xiao 晞 tells a reporter, real estate of 10 thousand buy belongs independent legal person, have oneself locomotive pattern, include price mechanism, control a partner 10 thousand real estate are hands-off. He tells a reporter, international of Beijing new city has sold almost, what Wang Shuqi buys is the 4th period, also be final first phase.

Guess to analyst, researcher place, wang Shuqi is opposite with expressing through average oneself house property the confidence of the company, cheng Xiao 晞 denies absolutely: "She buys a house is to be used at living oneself, investment, or what is other, we have no right to interfere. This is the individual behavior of herself completely, outside analyst considers the issue complex. "

Cheng Xiao 晞 firm say, 20 million yuan buy a house, to the company it is a bagatelle actually, he does not think this thing can arise how old influence.

To Feng Lun the month on oneself purchases 10 thousand real estate with 674 thousand yuan 50 thousand act, cheng Xiao 晞 also feels malcontent to guessing too much. He does not wish to talk more, just emphasize pressing relevant provision, appear on the market the share that company shareholder has authority to buy him company, should not sell inside 6 months only piece, be absent sensitive period buying and selling, it is its individual behavior, other has no right to interfere.
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