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A security personnel is hit all security personnel dismisses
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Village property weighs beautiful scenery east, will come on stage measure manages strictly

■ " ' not obedient ' security personnel says by beat up 3 hour " track

Report from our correspondent (reporter Duan Xiujian) yesterday morning, property of village of beautiful scenery east manages company king manager to say, the village already dismissed all security personnel, at the same time substandard of company of parking lot management includes an unit by dismiss. Property company says to will publish relevant government measure at the same time, ask owner appraise sth through discussion.

6 days afternoon, this village ensures public security the go to a doctor that be mauled (our newspaper eve reports) . Yesterday 10 when make, at the door village of beautiful scenery east, the security personnel that wears white garment black pants to unite an uniform is directing car pass in and out. "Just was come to by village property invite applications for a job. " a security personnel says.

"All outside package company dismiss. " director of king of company of management of property of village of beautiful scenery east says, security personnel is hit after incident happening, property square with include company of former security personnel, parking lot to manage company substandard to wrap unit solution to concern besides employ.

He says, former the bag outside the general affairs such as village security personnel, parking lot is in charge of to relevant company, security personnel is hit because interior of security personnel company manages not to be pooh-poohed to bring about,incident is.

"Can army government measure comes on stage. " Mr Yan weighs chief of department of security personnel of company of management of property of beautiful scenery east, property company has the security personnel personnel that enters a village to new invite applications for a job administrative strictly, decide system of job responsibility is spent. At the same time owner of can fixed invite has appraise sth through discussion, undertake rectifying and reform at any time in the light of the problem.

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