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Because raw material rises in price,say SOHO rose in price in September in carry
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Although inside course of study anticipate generally low confused room city will be in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " traditional sale busy season greets to depreciate wet, but yesterday, SOHO China limited company releases a message to say, because raw material rises in price, since September 1, the company is all will raise price in the round in carry out project.

To carrying the account of valence, panshi of president of SOHO China limited company towerings like a mountain peak the explanation says, from this year the beginning of the year arrives now, the raw material price of real estate rises very big, for example rolled steel rose in price 70% , cement rose in price 30% , the goal that raises price this is the pressure that cost of countervail housing materials rises. But Pan Shige did not disclose the extent that raises price this.

Pan Shige expresses at the same time, the economy that market of estate of the China that prop up expands expands power and do not have a change, because limited company of this SOHO China values prospective room city as before. And to the near future the room look forward to such as 10 thousand divisions starts depreciate the action, pan Shige says, the circumstance of oneself of every estate company and face market have each different, depreciating may be the one part that their strategy adjusts.

As we have learned, current, SOHO China limited company includes office building of SOHO of 3 lis of collect, apartment and shopping centers to wait in the project of carry out.

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