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"Not obedient " security personnel says by beat up 3 hours
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Because abet other is chased after,say to demand pay, ensure public security captain is denied participate in

Report from our correspondent (reporter Duan Xiujian) eve 16 when make, village of east of sunny area beautiful scenery, hou Fang of village male security personnel (alias) say to be closed inside house by 6 security personnel that head with Liu surname header group beat up is close 3 hours. Hou Fang says to he demands pay because of be being suspected abet other is chased after and be hit.

By group beat up is close 3 hours black and blue

Yesterday 11 when make, hou Fang will to the hospital undertake checking, arm much office is defeated and have extravasated blood, after disrobe, its back, hip and leg ministry all have bedding face to accumulate gules bruise and silt blueness.

Hou Fang is recollected, eve 16 when make, by captain with " hair salary " for in calling one anteroom, be kicked to make its body by captain and 5 security personnel, use balata marvellous lash its back and leg ministry. 6 individual edges hit an edge to scold, "You dare call them to want money " .

He says, more than yuan of 190 money inside him pocket is gone by search, midway he ever fainted, the cold water that be used is irrigated wake.

After taking a beating by fill liquor write guarantee

Eve 19 when make, hou Fang signs on one portion guarantee and be made an appointment with by fill be given off after half bottles of liquor. He says, guarantee content is him " privately goes out after drinking, fight with the person bring about get hurt, captain is taken to purse is discovered by captain and criticize education after " etc. After Hou Fang leaves, call the police, mill police station goes to beautiful scenery east south the village undertook investigating.

Hou Fang says, oneself are belonged to recruit temporarily, did not sign a contract, wage is daily settle accounts. Some security personnel already were defaulted 3 monthly wages, but oneself never abet other is chased after denounce.

Security personnel header weighs him to was not participated in

Be in village of beautiful scenery east yesterday, header of Liu of security personnel team expresses " write down not clear this individual " . Seem to hear have this matter, but him have not is participated in. Say again ever since, eve has more than a security personnel takes a beating.

Property of village of beautiful scenery east manages Mr Yan that manages security personnel department to say, not witting this matter. The bag outside job of village security personnel gives Beijing firm aegis security personnel corporation is responsible. Yesterday afternoon, the telephone call that head office of service of Beijing security personnel announces external unmanned also receive listen. A village jockeys the member that collect fees says " the security personnel here often takes a beating " .

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