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Olympic Games village 400 more than rooms the middle ten days of a month appears
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Yesterday, the reporter is in know from favour of bosom of arrowroot of chief inspector of sale of Olympic Games village, villages of 2008 Olympic Games Olympic Games, the Olympic Games after knock into city time first it is surely in September the middle ten days of a month, its price will be in 31000 yuan / the left and right sides that make the same score rice, 30000 yuan when before comparing this, announce all valence go up somewhat tone.

This project already finished a sale to lead before the Olympic Games about 70% , did not make work at present the room puts more than about 400 only. And in December 2006, olympic Games village first with commodity house city of period room face is opened to booking, the price is 16800 yuan at that time / smooth rice.

Olympic Games village is located in celestial bodies of sunny area north on the west road on the west side, lin Cuilu east side, the project always covers an area of 27.55 hectare, total floor area 50 Yu Moping rice, by 42 layer or 9 6 north and south to elevator apartment of board building clothbound is comprised, cent forms a delegation greatly for ABCD4. What roll out this is optional brunt door area is between 180-280 smooth rice, the clothbound that is 3 house, 4 house is repaired door model. In incomplete after abstruse meeting, the job will be transformed after immediateness hand launchs the contest of the building, among them the mainest transforming content is to indoor room layout undertakes local adjust reach perfect and indoor decorate, in order to fit the need that normal household lives. The whole of Olympic Games village enters time to predict to be in 2009 before the end of the year.

Ge Huaien says, the 400 more than flatlet with this last item will divide batch to be rolled out in succession. Before the Olympic Games, in the purchaser of Olympic Games village, peking Man holds great majority; After the Olympic Games, the scale of different ground client rises apparently. He points out, of the Olympic Games hold let more and more different ground clients pay close attention to place of Olympic Games village accumulate value of contained historical collect carefully, and from at present Olympic Games area looks in the change after contest, the travel resource of this area will more and more get the attention of crowd of whole world each district, foreign business affairs and viatic personage are right the renting demand of this locality also will be invested by the part model the person that buy a house is valued.

Apartment of Olympic Games village sold 200 two months to will sell 34 houses this year

As the place where troops are stationed that athlete of world each district reached an official during the Olympic Games 2008, olympic Games village already had in building of 42 commodity house from last year the end of the year begins 8 to sell. This year, 34 commodity building also will face the others in succession social sale, with the building of 8 first phase that has valence to be M2 of 16800 yuan of / dish photograph comparing, case still will have predicting price to go up certainly.
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