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Raise action: How to get the information that rent a house channel of 4 kinds of
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Cherish pair of future completely " look forward to " , the undergraduates that are about to graduate begin a society, experience, savor new life. Want to stay in Beijing to work to great majority " nonlocal student " , hire a room to become them almost " exclusive " choice.

How to get the information that rent a house? Circulating among students a kind of such views, visit the school first small advertisement, look for acquaintance to help again, be no good online search circuit, final can find no way out looks for intermediary.

With respect to these 4 kinds of channel that rent a house, each have the place of its advantages and disadvantages, how to differentiate? Should large-scale graduate requirement, the capital building respect that rent is more authoritative " I love my home " expert, make the following trade off study for the student:

The school is rented Xiao advertisement

Advantage: Inside ① campus stickup thickly dotted small advertisement, opposite for room source information is more; ② need not charge.

Inferior position: Diaphaneity of news of ① room cause is not tall; ② matchs quickly degree inferior; ③ trades safety does not have safeguard.

Risk coefficient: Taller

Seek acquaintance helps

Advantage: News of ① room cause is safer, reliability is extremely high; ② trades safety performance is ensured somewhat quite; ③ need not premium.

Inferior position: ① holds acquaintance in the palm to seek a room, very can slow on time speed; ② defaults favor easily.

Risk coefficient: Commonly

Carry a network search

Advantage: Information content of ① room source is bigger; ② gets online the rate that seeks a room is rapidder; ③ matchs degree opposite taller.

Inferior position: The actual condition of ① network empty is true, false information is more; ② have no way searchs the real source that Fang Yuanxin ceases, security does not have safeguard.

Risk coefficient: Wait in

Entrust intermediary acts as agent

Advantage: System of network of ① room source control is more perfect, orgnaization of intermediary of large house property is mastering substantial client information and Fangyuan information; ② has the agent of professional quality, meeting in the house that introduce a few to hire room person for a short while or accords with condition of the person that rent a house many sets; Quality of service of ③ brand intermediary is higher and deserve to have corresponding follow-up appreciation service. General and normal intermediary has ④ lawful building rents a contract, can guarantee the security of the both sides that rent.

Inferior position: Photograph of a few kinds of means compares ① and other, need pays regular service commission fee; Existence of individual small intermediary operates ② non-standard wait for a phenomenon, the risk that creates the person that rent a house easily happens.
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