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Buy Fang Xiaotie person: Before seismic callosity buys a house advertent Liang Z
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Sichuan earthquake causes heavy casualties, the building that a lot of citizens begin to care his is aseismatic problem, the expert expresses, wait for flaw photograph to compare with slack, Hai Sha, radiate, aseismatic or be able to bear or endure shake, just see true order to befall toward the past, building bridge column, structure notices to whether wait for detail firm when the proposal buys a house.

Dong Senxin hears a net to report, can affect safe issue because of the earthquake to the building, live business is praedial layout lab proposal, steel framework or optional choose reinforcing steel bar, reinforcing steel bar mix the building means of steel framework, and build business or master builder to buy to what have reputation, or it is to buy village of Lian Dong type, can ensure the building does not cause collapse relatively; If buy, is bank of hillside ground, water or littoral residence, need to notice whether the preventive measure such as layer, construction and catchment, road is complete.

In the meantime, also suggest the decorate in citizen home had better collect stationary, relatively the apprehension that does not have dump; Should use device of the water and electricity with high safety factor, gas, in order to ensure safe. If buy, is interlining house, it is overweight, easy that interlining part should avoid to bear the weight of the product of collapse. And in case misfortune happening earthquake, the citizen is opposite when house construction, quality has doubt, also can join a department with structural technician consortium, arrangement undertakes detecting relevantly.

Live Xu Jiaxin of director of praedial layout lab represents business, build the regulation of technical regulation according to the high level, high-level building should install two above special emergency staircase, each floor all should set fire alarm side of detect of automatic warming system and automatic aspersion equipment, smother implement etc.

As a result of for shock-proof effect beautiful, building of general freeboard house can adopt steel framework structure, and if not be structure of the bone that use steel, bear the weight of enoughly to let a building have force, liang Zhu is met product of more general building is thick, come so indoor area can have likely " shrink " case, these are the shares that the consideration gets inside when the person that buy house is choosing freeboard house building.

Additional, to the part with whether building bridge column, solid structure, xu Jiaxin also suggests, the place of column of bridge of should special before buying house attention has without fill afresh earth brushs paint, the likelihood with respect to what have try to hide a mistake, notice these little detail, will can avoid to because the earthquake causes structural style to already had harm house,be bought as far as possible.

Live business is praedial layout lab also suggests, face the earthquake that happens possibly at any time, can prepare the necessary article such as the medicines and chemical reagents of patient of the old people in clothings of cash, drinking water, solid food, heat preservation, flashlight, batteries, home beforehand, the equipment such as the electric equipment switch in the home, gas also answer particularly advertent, lest bigger disaster is caused when seismic happening.
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