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Intermediary of senior house property teachs you the choose and buy is secondhan
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One is engaged in house property intermediary 6 years, the person buy a house with various bring into contact with and secondhand room, to the person that buy a house tuitional buy secondhand 10 respects that the room needs to notice, can help the person that buy a house prevent a consideration not, eat regret medicine.

1, the choice is beautiful praise degree tall intermediary

Buying a house is a very trival thing, need many professional knowledge, generally speaking, most person lifetime buys a house only, happen to buys Fang Shicai to want to study house property, with period become an expert, this is not quite actual, not little now person apt asks intermediary of professional house property to do the matters concerned that buy a house for oneself.

House property hands in movability to always tens of 10 thousand, involved link and relevant policy are very much, have a bit inadvertent, can leave future trouble, do not be afraid of accordingly irritated, when understanding, do not grudge oneself language, do not understand outfit understand. Had better go seeking advice from a few regular estate intermediary corporations and estate management department, know the up to date information on formalities, charge in time. Actually normal estate intermediary is not to see its dimensions have how old, want to take care its market public praise however; Most at least should see his whether be had first " 3 card " , do business namely charter (nucleus of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is sent) , hold letter of intelligence of course of study (nucleus of house property management department is sent) , collect fees intelligence letter (prices branch nucleus is sent) . Be sure to keep in mind dimensions to be not a delegate greatly normal. Although scale is very large,have some of medium, very famous also, but complain rate reside however do not fall high, cannot not prevent to such intermediary. Good intermediary not only attitude of attending to guests is good, and professional level is high, contract standard, do not default house money, do not collect middleman's fee more.

2, have how much Qianmaiduo greatly room

Hunan should make clear first before buying a house, the money that buy a house is his saving, or to others borrowed, perhaps borrow money to what the bank borrows. How many money does how many thing, knew oneself capital actual strength, can know oneself can buy what division, the housing of much large area. Same brushstroke money, buy the house with better a sector of an area, the area wants a few smaller; And buy the house with a few poorer a sector of an area, the area wants a few bigger, hard be satisfactory to both sides.

All loan principal and interest that should pay are OK during still borrowing according to this formula calculates: Oneself (family) the half × of lunar income fixed number of year of loan of expectation of 12 months × .

Actual but susceptive loan specified amount spends can calculate according to this formula: During still be being borrowed ÷ of all loan principal and interest that should pay (1 + is current interest rate) .
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