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Ace is raised action avoid a regret secondhand house business whole strategy of
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Secondhand to a lot of wanting that buy for the person of the room, how choosing a house that suits oneself is the problem that everybody cares generally. Usually, cosmopolitan before buying a house certainly on-the-spot perambulate, lest because buy,issue defective housing and regretful. Recently, general manager of Ke Boren of official letter building is integrated of building business " buy a house 10 old law " , directive and average citizen needs control little skill when buying a house:

Do not look by day in the evening

At nightfall sees a room can inspect village property management to whether take safety seriously, have without time patrol, safety is on guard measure is comprehensive, the noise interference that waits for generation without faker waits. These situation days we cannot see, just can get the most precise information in the late evening only.

Do not look sunshine sees wet

After raining heavily, no matter owner has undertaken to the building before what kind of " decorate " , do not escape to cross water " invade " , whether does building wall, corner, ceiling have crack at that time, water of whether slack, ooze can general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine. Want the floor near advertent all the more balcony, toilet especially, visit the appearance that becomes moldy damply.

Do not look building materials sees pattern

Buying a house had better be to see empty room. Because empty building does not have the content keep out such as furniture, home appliance, see the pattern of whole house OK and clearly. Ideal situation is to open a gate to enter a sitting room from the balcony, it is dining-room, kitchen, bedroom next. If the door of the sitting room faces a bedroom directly, criterion illicit close sex is poorer. The house of fine structure distinguishs all sorts of functions effectively come. Function of the guest that be like a banquet, rest the function.

Do not look metope sees a corner

Examine metope whether even or damp, chap, can help the person that buy a house know the case that whether has ooze water. And corner photograph is more important to metope. The corner carries on to control structural power up and down, if produce an earthquake, of the corner bearing force is crucial, and when the corner is serious and interstitial, slack problem also can appear at any time.

Do not see decorate regard as be versed in

Good decorate can let person eye shine, but brillant decorate is OK however the corner chap, mildewy, slack wait for illness one by one cloak. When buying a house accordingly, the person that buy a house must want to note the do manual work of the building, especially the process accepting a margin of edge of corner, window, ceiling is painstaking, and these places often are ignored easily. If produce a problem, tiny to these part undertakes reparative it is a very troublesome issue, winkle these indisposition, can increase the chip with owner argy-bargy. Will tell commonly, packaging is new but the house with very coarse charge for the making of sth. , it is dish of source that investment objective buys likely very, its purpose is low sells high earn price difference, want to add an attention more to source of this kind of room.
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