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Legal expert: Maiden cohabitational " allows " of husband and wife to had better
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Dispatch Heilongjiang started northeast network on August 17 before special attorney Wang Lili introduced a few marriage that she is acting as agent to the reporter, marriage law of every attorney office buys room dispute case, she borrows this to remind to wide readership, the person that buys a house before marriage must have made sufficient legal preparation, lest a remedial method is connected when accident circumstance happens,do not have.

Case one: House property card cannot prove to buy a house at the outset who contributive

Before bilateral marriage contributive buy a house, but the name that there is one party only on house property card, how is the building after the divorce broken up? Bilateral feeling is good when Mr Huang and chapter young lady are talking about love, want to want to marry anyway later, be inferior to taking the advantage of house price still is not very tall when both sides is collective and contributive buy a house. At that time, mr Huang was written only on the house property evidence that obtains before marriage one the individual's name. Nowadays, two people discuss to divorce, when Mr Huang does not admit chapter young lady buys a house, had gone out endowment. Face this kind of situation, can find no way out of chapter young lady.

The both sides before marriage is collective and contributive buy a house, buy the name that one party kept only on room contract and house property card. After two people marry, because of emotional burst the decision divorces, how is the house divided into the thing that allows poll to ache. In cannot confirm oneself have contributive and below the premise that is not donative other one party, the court of rights and interests of chapter young lady is weak protection. That is to say, although she gave money really, but indemonstrable contributive behavior, the court also cannot adjudicate other one party offers proper compensation.

Case 2: Before marriage " mortgage " once part company the room returns who

Mr Tang marries at was being registered on April 8, 2006 with Ms. Zhang. Before marriage, mr Tang bought house of a commodity in the developing zone. Price of this room contract is 1.2 million yuan, sign contract of the room that order with one person name by Mr Tang, and pay 360 thousand dynast pays, money of the others house mortgages loan 30 years to the bank by Mr Tang, still borrow 7000 yuan or so every months. In Feburary 2005, mr Tang obtained the property right letter of this room. In April 2007, because the feeling after bilateral marriage is on bad terms, all agree to divorce, but whether be to the building common property keeps husband and wife in difference. Mr Tang thinks this room is its personal property, reason is this room department before its marry with Ms. Zhang, be bought, and head paying is the belongings before its individual marriage; Ms. Zhang thinks this room is husband and wife common property, reason is property right card it is the legal evidence that building property right obtains, card of this house property obtains time to be after marriage, this room is nature husband and wife is collective belongings.
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