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Small family of Beijing subway edge will be market of 8 years of estate the larg
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Professional personage thinks, 2008 orbit traffic along the line 40 to 70 square metre in small family secondhand room, will be this year the largest window of Beijing estate market.

The subway 1 mark line

Station of eight treasures hill loosens to 5 station small family more

The subway the station of eight treasures hill western reachs a line one belt of 5 loose stations is secondhand the small family of the room distributing relatively concentration, with " revive 46 date courtyards " , " ocean landscape and " 6 dormitories " most accept favour of the person that buy a house. "Revive 46 date courtyards " building area all is 46.7 square metre, at present price is 13 thousand reach 14 thousand yuan / square metre; "Ocean landscape " belong to the new project that builds in recent years, door model one house is 48 to 70 square metre, at present price is 14 thousand yuan / square metre, because source of this village room is newer, door model diversiform, offer the person that buy a house to choose a space bigger; "6 dormitories " area of small family building is 42 square metre more, the price is in 14 thousand reach 15 thousand yuan / square metre.

I love the personage inside my family property to think, the person that low income buys a house in can consider these projects. A line is the subway the dweller offers a convenient travel way, and western relatively inferior room value suits a few youths more first buy course of study, 40 to 70 square metre in small family no matter entire section is bought, still borrow money, the pressure that buy a house is not great.

The subway 2 mark lines

Source of small family room is in more in stable door stands around

The subway of 2 lines along the line 40 to 70 square metre in source of small family room distributings around stable door station more, be like " young lake community " small family secondhand room 70 square metre are the following all valence is in 15 thousand reach 16 thousand yuan / square metre, much to go up 90 time build the century. Additional, on the west of barracks and area of small yellow place of business in cause of small family room is very ample also, door model 15000 yuan are in the 40 price to 50 square metre / square metre.

Source of this kind of room gets a lot of first of crowd of buy course of study chase after hold in both hands, the reason depends on the traffic near 2 annulus be being embraced relatively, of orbit traffic smooth for the job and went out to save time all right. In the meantime, these area have relatively perfect trade group and establishment of form a complete set, community environment is mature.

The subway 13 mark lines

Area visitting capital is secondhand small family center relatively

The subway the area that 13 lines pass through is opposite bigger, remove section visitting capital secondhand outside room small family opposite concentration, source of the small family of other area room distributings to disperse quite. "Na Huqu on the west in " valence is in small family of 60-70 square metre Fang Yuanjun 11 thousand reach 12 thousand yuan / square metre. Additional, of 5 road junction " Dong Wangzhuang " source of the small family that also has a few 60 square metre room.
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