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Capital is the most precious two be restricted sale price of the start working a
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Yesterday, the state-owend enterprise lives total group with 360 million yuan bid the price wins the bid this year first two be restricted room project -- , Ji Jiamiao of abundant stage area two be restricted room lot, this also is this city at present the most expensive two be restricted room lot. Always introduce according to living, this two be restricted the room predicts nearly 700 to be able to provide housing.

Always concern chief introduction according to living, ji Jiamiao two be restricted room lot total floor area 89 thousand square metre, among them residential floor area 50 thousand much square metre, according to live to develop a plan always, ji Jiamiao two be restricted room project will provide housing nearly 700, and match build cheap to rent a house 60 or so. Two be restricted the area of the room is entirely under 90 square metre, give priority to with two house, occupy 60% , one house is occupied each with 3 house 20% . This project will at incomplete the start working after abstruse meeting, build cycle 2 years, village residence carries out whole to sell, do not sell in installment.

Ji Jiamiao two be restricted room all valence is every square metre 7800 yuan, according to floor and front different and particular value will have the float of 5% , it is Beijing two be restricted room up to now maximum price.

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