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Landed association: Appropriate of city of adjusting control building changes st
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"In the market wait-and-see mood gradually thick, sales volume drops, the juncture that endangers estate market to stabilize development, urgent affairs is to stabilize the market to anticipate, strengthen market confidence, promotion trades quantity, shake money market moderately. Adjusting control policy wants from extruding estate market timely adjust stabilize development to promote its. " guild of Guangdong province estate announced a problem to be recently " adjust actively, steady progress " newest investigation report, offerred view and policy proposal to Guangdong estate situation.

Yesterday, sui Sheng of long Cai of the association that visit a room accepts our newspaper reporter exclusive special interview, made detailed illuminate to this report. Cai Sui Sheng says, this one report by Guangdong room assist after saving survey of city of above of 15 ground level completely, form, guangdong room assist carried in the report policy suggested at 8 o'clock, arrive via referring after Chinese estate guild, have among them at 4 o'clock already by in room assist adopt and refer a country to concern a section.

The market is sharp: Emerge? of Kun of Yun of  of Zhuang of those of ぜ of stew overstep one's authority growing permanent teeth

Report analysis, since 2006, the stimulation that Guangdong estate upsurges continuously in macroscopical economy and fund liquidity are propped up superfluously below, market demand is puissant pull move investment growth and house price to rise. the four seasons spent market changeover last year, sales volume of house of commodity of a few cities drops, the market turns to adjust at high speed from rapid growth.

The report points out, the influence that the wave motion of estate market reachs the people's livelihood to macroscopical economy cannot small gaze.

Look from macroscopical economy, investment of economic growth support, consumption, foreign trade 3 drive carriage and drive. Since 2000, investment of Guangdong fixed assets occupies GDP 29% , 32% , the proportion that estate of the corresponding period holds fixed assets to invest is in 22% , 28% between.

Look from finance income, taxation of the real estate in revenue of Guangdong land tax was occupied last year 18% , amount to 35.7 billion yuan, grow 32%(to save) of land tax bureau compared to the same period. Concerned statistic data makes clear, income of fee of tax of Guangzhou land tax is close one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan, 3 is become come from estate, the 10% straight fetch of finance expenditure from real estate, this scale is as high as 3 to become in a few cities or more. Taxation of Shenzhen real estate amounts to 10.4 billion yuan, grow 33% compared to the same period, cover an area of tax income 18% .

Look from financial safety, the individual buys room loan to occupy a bank to consume loan very high proportion, it is a bank all the time for years high grade business. If house price drops,exceed 3 to become, force a share leasehold the person that buy a house is broken for abandoning a room, certainly will endangers financial security.
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