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Yinchuan International Trade Center Building C opening hot
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September 20, 2010, Yinchuan International Trade Center, Building C opening as scheduled.
On this day, the door beaming Trade, KIA celebrate the opening together with the ITC. Kia of several new vehicles are lined up, with the World Trade buildings reflect each other. Glory International Trade, wonderful Kia. Quality fashion cars and has always been the best combination of quality properties.

The opening sales of International Trade C Yinchuan International Trade Center Building is the final rare offering an office. C Building gross floor area of about 2.6 million square meters, has 22 floors of the impressive height, facade clean air, smooth lines and great quality feel. Traditional core tube within the tower structure, in line with people's working habits. Unit 110-140 meters from the high to the whole floor, multiple choice, flexible combination of outstanding enterprises of different sizes to meet the office needs.

A dozen invited to visit a select group of customers ordered the houses to their satisfaction, and lucky to earn the Big Wheel of their own luck. Just two hours, C Building, opened the first round of the switch to achieve a 90% success rate. Is not popular in the current commercial property sales market, the sales success proves that our customers Yinchuan great confidence in the International Trade Centre.
Yinchuan International Trade Centre as an important part of the ITC Building C based on this huge city complex, already has a remarkable advantage. Close to a bright square, People's Hall and the district stadium out of print location, overlooking the green acres of the infinite, Zhongshan Park, cozy, B Building, the occupancy rate of nearly 90% driven by the mature business environment, quality of service in Shenzhen Great Wall are the property and build buildings for the World Trade C rival of the bearing and demeanor.

Yinchuan Yinchuan International Trade Center is the only urban complex in use, and its collection of luxury five star hotel, high-end service-oriented business and other rich formats, becoming the first choice of many powerful corporate office space, has become the long outstanding enterprises Green cornerstone. And at the end of the opening of the InterContinental, Holiday Inn will make international trade a more enviable place of gold out of print, a huge room for appreciation of their properties enough to imagine.

Building for the opening of the World Trade C developed a series of very attractive incentives. In the September 20 pay earnest money to enjoy 94 straight discount off hot, but opening day of the subscription or contract can enjoy a discount on +99 96 discount. More decoration and travel gift you A LOT!

Yinchuan International Trade Centre to snatch the final collection of seats, looking forward to visit the International Trade Building C!

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