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Media Industry Office 760 East Media Center Flat Rental Offices
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East Media Center is the only one CBD core area tailored for the media industry's top office project. Nearly the entire building from the two meters of highly personalized and a six-storey high-rise buildings of the podium, and a nine-story high and about 1 million square meters consisting of single-family building. Oriental Media Center planning area 16225.1 square meters, total construction area: 119,775 square meters; divided into A, B, C, D four balcony, where A, C Block, the office building were hundreds of meters high (A Block 29 for the ground floor, C Block, 31 above ground level), B Block, 6 floors for the entire East Media Center of the business, conference, exhibition, performances, restaurants, entertainment and other supporting Building; D, Block 9 floors above ground The independent office buildings, can be used as the title company Dudong building, the layout on the one hand that East Media Center pole shape and construction of powerful sky lines, where the rich show to the city's most prosperous region of the core area, and the other On the one hand, Oriental Media Centre, a semi enclosed trend towards the overall planning and layout and also to meet the new CCTV building, its distance to the echo, the formation of interaction. East Media Center is located in Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, No. 4, the project area is 760 square meters remaining Scriptorium whole rent, located in the building 29 floors, simple decoration, the rent 9 yuan / square meter / day, inclusive of property, the minimum monthly payment pay, that is, three to pay a charge. The project is 760 square meters Jinyu 2 Offices, the rent 9 yuan / square meter. Days.
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