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Kam Housing theme of the annual festival real estate actions Business Office
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About Zhejiang Building Zhejiang Building, located in the beautiful strains of Fen Bank, close to Yi Fen Bridge. Set of high-end commercial projects, restaurants, apartments, commercial and international formats as a whole, set office, residential, investment and other functions in one, Enterprise Investment Limited by the Shanxi and Zhejiang Investment, Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Shanxi and Zhejiang, Shanxi developed the first landmark inter-provincial economic and cultural cooperation projects in Shanxi Province is currently the only commercial enterprise of Zhejiang For the positioning of the building complex. Elites for business and wealth to build a "home" is to establish the original intention of the building in Zhejiang, a breeding opportunities, and efficient integration of social resources, the development of dream incubation elite and therefore the wealth of the aircraft carrier came into being. Zhejiang Building , Brought together a representative of the social wealth of the elite class, mapping out the rise of a group, and prepare an investment opportunity is surging. In the more valuable because of the scarcity of building complex, each and every Investors will be legendary wealth. October 30, from Taiyuan Daily Newspaper Group, Real Estate Development Association of Taiyuan, Taiyuan TV co-hosted the selection of "my favorite of the 8 major theme," Kam-room action "business office" building project in Zhejiang Exhibition Centre said, although the low temperature Saturday morning, but there are still many concerns Zhejiang Building, festival activities, the public attention to this visit competing properties for sale, learn real estate, and for the commercial real estate projects of their choice to vote .
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