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Policy of temporary supply and demand fell into the sidelines of the Shenzhen
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May 2010, the office market does not permit the project to obtain pre-sale, and no items for sale, the property market policy and the "Spring Fair" under the influence, the market supply of the significant downturn in the property market in Shenzhen this month, only three pre-made residential project sale of licenses, but there are few items on sale. May, the office market turnover of around 25,200 square meters, the chain fell sharply in April 2010 56.36%; transaction price of about 29462.18 yuan / ㎡, edged up 4.64% qoq. With the "ten new countries," Shenzhen local administrative rules, the property market policy gradually become clear, from the previous term, the policy has little effect on the office market, or even biased in favor of positive, resulting in unusually active trading market in April; but after the introduction of the rules means that the "outer limit order" from the new force, which from the psychological impact of investor behavior. Decline in supply, some investors to enter the wait state under the influence of market turnover decreased substantially this month. Transaction prices, although trading volume has dropped slightly, watching the market sentiment has improved, but the market generally optimistic about the future development of commercial real estate under the influence of a dish most of the property prices stable, less volatile; in net transaction accounts office than the increase in the proportion of high-end property rose, increasing the proportion of customs and other structured transactions under the influence of the city's office showed slightly higher average transaction price. Supply: wait and see increased market supply of zero In May, the office market does not permit the project to obtain pre-sale, and no items for sale, the property market under the influence of macro-control policies, the market supply and demand sides have to wait and see state of affairs, so that the supply of significant downturn in the market and investors are waiting for policies become clear. Stock, since no new supply in the market this month under the influence of the total stock to continue to slightly decrease. 5 end of the market in the sale of stock of 399,100 square meters, a decline of 5.94%. These stocks, about 34.02% area of non-active properties, including the occupation or the occupation is about, or to leasing the property, such as the Century Center of excellence, Times Technology Building, Tang Commercial Building, the Central West Valley Building, East International Center (a period), etc., and their area of 135,800 square meters, because they have not the initial registration, continue to exist in the primary market. In addition, the property has not yet officially opened approximately 32.57% of the total, there are building wealth in Hong Kong, Korea Bay Business Apartment Block A, Moore city, Plaza A, Oriental Plaza, Pearl Plaza, Block A2, etc., which will be the office market for some time the main supply. Currently active projects in the sales market mainly Oriental Plaza Square, Shum Yip Building Tairan cedar, Harbin Building, Hong Long Century Plaza, Wan Chun Trade Building, Han Jing Building, Pearl Plaza, which account for 33.41% of the total, compared with 4 reduction of 13.20 percentage points on the market for new supply to more strongly desire.
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