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Chengdu office back into the era of complex investment bull-eye
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In 2010, Chengdu, commercial real estate investment and output value doubled, as the field of real estate investment products, commercial real estate for the first time compared with the residential market, which is regarded as the property market in Chengdu an important indicator of overall maturity. The industry believes that the current commercial real estate, especially office in Chengdu strong sales even in short supply, and inflation pressure on the shift of hot money has a close relationship. Some people have pointed out that this form of the domestic economy and the relatively narrow channel of a large number of investors flocked to invest in Chengdu is an important reason. High level of economic development a few years more people have a more hands of idle funds, while the national housing industry's macro-control and cut off the idea that people invest in residential, so there are a lot of cash in the hands of the people is the best investment channels commercial real estate. At the same time, Chengdu is developing rapidly, the opportunities are further emergence of Chengdu, as the remaining rise in second-tier cities in the hot channel, Chengdu has become the commercial real estate investors around the country to chase the target. Review Complex to become the new darling, back office investment in bull's eye "Urban Complex" in 2010 reached its apex. According to Commercial Real Estate Alliance, Sichuan Province, Chengdu is currently foreseeable development of the urban complex and nearly million square meters. As a second-tier cities of Chengdu, can carry such a massive urban complex? Not all developers like Sun Hung Kai could, Cade held that almost all the business resources, therefore, available for sale in the commercial area are also increasing. Undoubtedly, the new R & F days Century City and the World Health Center, a commercial real estate in Chengdu in 2010 two landmark events. Was ridiculed as "the first western pit," the Panda City, in its men had been fully converted, changed its name to "R & F Day Exchange City" .11 29, Chengdu R & F Meeting Mall finally officially open day trial operation. In addition to R & F they hold office "day exchange center" outside of all commercial and hotel space. One side is the investor looking for crazy money at the export of commercial real estate market, on the one hand, it is self-sustaining enterprises have continuously increased the proportion of commercial properties. Holdings of commercial properties and developers constantly associated, is a surprising fact: to bring business to hold property rental income has maintained an annual growth rate of 20% -25%. Lake started in Chongqing, Chengdu, is now being accelerated copy made in Chongqing, street fairy tale. September 28, Chengdu Lake Day Street thousand sets come out. The project is located east of North Second Ring Road interchange and construction, built around the business together after the formation of nearly 100 million square meters of commercial-scale, second only to Chunxi Road shopping district of Chengdu, the second district. More earlier in the hinterland of appearance in the north of the city in Hubei days Wukuai Dan Dragon Street, north of the city is currently the only high-end urban complex projects hardcover. And Wanda, Ryan, Sun Hung Kai, Wharf and other enterprises, construction projects are being stepped up in order to increase their own in Chengdu, the "family property." Commercial real estate development spurt brought retail boom stationed in Chengdu. The end of October, the group of concern Chunxi Road Light Square in the opening, is the largest single area of Chengdu, the largest department store floor. November, the Dutch retail giant GTC in the country's first commercial real estate development projects Kardan Square, opened the first European-style shopping center in Southwest China. November 29, with a total investment of more than 60 billion large urban commercial complex R & F Meeting Mall was officially opened day trial business ... ... Of The future, the coexistence of chain and individual Are very positive about the department store giant Chengdu, a single lease for the development of commercial enterprises and stable cash flow, leading to large enterprises purely commercial property holdings of the increasing tendency, the office occupied commercial real estate investors undoubtedly the most important position bull's eye. According to relevant survey data show that supply of new office in Chengdu in 2010 could eventually reach 830,000 square meters, higher than last year, 37 million square meters. Currently there are 28 in Chengdu has a certain influence on the market for office space, is the largest concentration of people as the center of the red Zhaobi South, in addition to Yanlord Square and a few other projects, most office buildings are in the form of an open offer to return the funds. Chengdu is no shortage of commercial imagination, even though each step appears to wander staggering, but the experienced along the street for the city, shopping center, after the stages of simple imitation, and today the city of Chengdu's commercial development has entered a new era. The construction of the MTR, the constant improvement of urban transport, office focused too much on the situation of a region also been changed from 2011, regional offices, not just in Chengdu, in the country and even around the world, has become a business office new hot market, new trends. And regional offices, often precisely in the complex in the city, with residential, commercial, hotel go hand in hand, multi-format can help achieve complementarity. This is changing the urban share of the pie-style development to achieve the development of the city tour of the new ideas. Personalized, diversified subject are emerging. With the development of urbanization, improving the quality of the whole people, raising the level of leisure and cultural improvement of the development of the future will be complex in Chengdu into a chain and personalized form of coexistence. Reviews Commercial real estate development in Chengdu From the "quality" to "quantity" will be upgraded Chengdu will be the future development of commercial real estate developers, higher demands. First, ask the developer to determine the macro-consumer markets, through the GDP, retail sales analysis to determine the correct period of time, the development trend of the total consumer market; Second, ask the developer where the business district and the development of the property for the needs of analysis to determine whether the correct; third, to see whether the developer has combined a variety of commercial distribution of resources. Chengdu is now in a stable and rapid economic development, business facing the escalation of the background property, which not only reflected in the level of consumer spending and calls for a gradual increase, but also in some international well-known retail brands and hotels because Chengdu is currently not reaching their requirements but has yet to enter the property market in Chengdu. Shopping center complex in the city is the main form of future retail commercial development and the direction of second-tier cities. Now it seems that the characteristics of Chengdu, the retail commercial property also apply to Grade A office space, luxury and other formats. The future, there will be a substantial number of developers to the international background of the city court complex standing in Chengdu, Chengdu, which will bring more high-end property market ideas and better service.
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