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There are offices for sale heart of residence
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Residence project is located in the heart are shopping district, Dongzhimen intersection with the second embassy area, foreign businessmen gathered in surrounding areas, a strong business atmosphere. Has an important geographical location. East Second Ring Road traffic business district east of the concept is the Dongcheng District Government Straight door integrated transport hub at the core, in the west o f the East Second Ring Road, Dongzhimen overpass to the area between Dongsishitiao, planning and construction of a modern business area, attracting well-known domestic enterprises, foreign financial firms, the total foreign manufacturing Headquarters, headquarters of the Ministry or the Chinese-based companies settled. Now settled, and soon settled in the oil, CNOOC, CYTS, Beijing Mobile, China Telecom, PICC, Poly Group and other major corporate headquarters to form a real "giant economic circle." Project consists of office buildings, commercial apartments, and commercial components, an area of 4200 square meters, total construction area of 17,413 square meters. The south side of building projects as office buildings, South Building, the overall construction area of about 11,752.55 square meters, office support Commercial building area of 2000 square meters, office building area of 9752.55 square meters, the north side of building for the apartment building, building area of approximately 5,660.49 square meters, the ground storey, ground floor. All the main cast reinforced concrete Shear wall frame structure. The south tower as the office of three to nine, one, two for business.
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