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Shenzhen fries room group to lift Dongguan to retreat price of house of Fang Cha
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Building city cold winter, the tide that return a house is billowy also and come.

Of Shenzhen frying lodger is one of investment groups with a the most frenzied year, just not be in the Shenzhen of vane of city of the building that be called, and extend antenna to the Dongguan that borders with it. "They begin to enter Dongguan in a large-scale from the town such as the camphorwood head that approachs Shenzhen, Chang Ping, then spreads to Dongguan whole area. " a when smooth earth of the biggest land agent produces Dongguan mainland before high-level personage describes the condition that Shenzhen guest entered Dongguan last year so.

However, think the Shenzhen that saw through rain of storm of building city wind fries guests oneself, be in building city sharp and before the big condition below, be immersed in lair, shenzhen " fall " , then also is maintained hard in the situation of Dongguan, invest a guest not less to had made be worthy of the name " negative old man " . Good dream is undone, began from this year May, dongguan formed a billowy tide that return a house, grow in intensity. Under all sorts of name that return a house, on August 8, 33 owner of rich garden of big Lang Zhenju carry the kind that sues development business, the requirement returns a house.

Mr Li with old estate is engaged in thinking in Dongguan: "The tide returning a house with true Dongguan has not erupted, because Shenzhen fried lodger last year the maddest average when, be exalted when, and these Lou Panzhong still has a lot of to confiscate a building now. "

Backtrack cry

Like the bugle that fries a building at the outset, the cry that returns a house also spreads to Dongguan from Shenzhen.

The building of smooth big landed follower dish, came out to ask the owner that returns a house has exceeded 1000 first half of the year recently. Subordinate Jing Huchun dawn has first phase to just control a building recently before long, many 200 owner asks to return a house. The development business that confronts the issue that return a house is more than these, according to preliminary count, the silver-colored lake garden that small house pace presses down, south wind of area of the brilliant city garden of the city zone, 10 thousand rivers faces beautiful bay, Sha Tian to pressed down nearly 500 owner such as benefit bay garden to raise the requirement that return a house.

On August 8, open a court session of court of Dongguan city people tried 33 owner state to accuse Dongguan city big bright town the law case of some development business. Owner people a:appellant reason is, development business defer 10 months just take integrated complete to check and accept eligible book. The court did not enter a judgement that day.

Before this, the negotiation that returns a house had lasted of half an year long. Pass bargaining for many times, developed business to make compensation on some problems. But, did not see more than 60 owner that checks and accept card still rejects to control a building.
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