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Monovalent 17 thousand drop to city of building of 8000 yuan of Nanjing to show
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One have development business to depreciate, other development business resembled be being stepped on " feline tail " . A few days ago, nanjing world luxuriant estate will be maintained all the time be in 17 thousand yuan / the Jiang Jingjing of square metre decorates half of house price shrink to control, with 8000~1 10 thousand yuan / square metre " clear sky " end dish. This one " cutting sb in two at the waist " the action causes place to develop business to pay close attention to extensively, drive what develop business partly to follow suit, the personage inside course of study predicts, it is good without strong interest to be like appear, similar depreciate behavior will grow in intensity.

In sweeping across epicycle building city of the whole nation to depreciate greatly, have not appear Nanjing world luxuriant this kind " behead of by the waist " circumstance.

Overnight house price shrink half

It is Lou Panxin in Hangzhou part owner open quotation price is low before sales promotion price is compared 20% to 30% and when to development business puts forward to protest, nanjing is located in all the time before advocate the world Maobin Jiang Xincheng that the area involves below the city is folded at was being hit sadly on September 1, announce to last half month, clothbound repairs lowest of price of floor showing a house only 8000 yuan / square metre. Personnel of carry out building is right yesterday " daily of the first finance and economics " say, unit price is 8000 yuan / the room source of square metre is one room more, and the source of room of 4 buildings ground floor that is confined to early days to roll out, for photograph comparing, unit price is 10 thousand yuan / the room source of square metre slightly much, but the big house with above of 100 square metre for many.

Began August from last year, this building dish clothbound repairs house price to reside 17 thousand yuan high all the time / square metre, what this price maintained a year is long. Current, this project already rolled out a building dish source of place remnant room is not much. Put on record on Nanjing city net show, at present this project 1649 in only can make work 152 sets, be as high as 84.36% into double ratio exemple. From 2005 since open quotation, this project accumulative total all valence already amounted to 10 thousand yuan / square metre above, accumulative total clinchs a deal those who include semifinished product house all is return to clinch a deal in valence.

The reporter understands through putting on record on the net, 4 buildings that place of personnel of carry out building weighs, from Feburary 2005 open quotation, the 444 flatlet that join a network are only now 5 can make work, sale all valence is ten thousand six hundred yuan / square metre. According to at present " end dish " clothbound is repaired show a house 8000 yuan / the discount price of square metre, this dishes are equal to hit 8 fold. Same, this with 10 thousand yuan / 4 buildings of square metre sales promotion still leave 100 more than suite, clinch a deal all valence is twelve thousand seven hundred yuan / square metre.
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