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In August Shenzhen building city " low is changed clinch a deal " clinch a deal
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The personage inside Shenzhen course of study forecasts building city sales promotion busy season general will still play detective to house price

Yesterday (8 days) afternoon, place produces deep harbor in research center " Shenzhen skill residence was analysed in August " the report gives heat. The result shows, august Shenzhen building city with " low is changed clinch a deal " , whole town house clinchs a deal all valence 14342 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing drops 8% , the end is successive of two months rise. Be in " low + sales promotion " below the strategy, shenzhen whole town clinched a deal in August the residence 3379, 310 thousand square metre, annulus score does not increase 29% with 25% , it is to increase compared to the same period nevertheless 4% and decrease 8% .

The price: Shenzhen floor price blazed new trails in August low

The report points out, house of Shenzhen whole town clinched a deal in August grow in quantity, price fall is crucial.

According to the analysis, august building of a few heat dish with taller " sexual price is compared " into city, the price of other and average house also goes low mostly, the price is in 9000 yuan / square metre is the following, put generous piece area a few new dish the price sees again new low. Area of center of blue sea of countryside of its Chinese and Western all price is low reach 7800 yuan / square metre, and city of dragon hillock center drops to 6500 yuan / square metre. The Baoan of outside Shanghaiguan on the west rural area is new dish the price blazes new trails again low, 7000~9000 yuan / square metre already became an area mainstream price, and last year this area great majority building dish price is in 12000 yuan / square metre above.

Also have more in carry out project depreciate, the Baoan center area that is like outside Shanghaiguan and " inside Shanghaiguan " south a few buildings of the sea before hill dish, because depreciate range is bigger, draw owner dimension advantageous position. The most conspicuous in sales promotion activity should belong to 10 thousand divisions " 1 " plan, it is namely during the activity, city of 10 thousand divisions hands in 10 thousand yuan to send course of study of 100 thousand yuan of buy plan privilege namely beforehand, 20 thousand yuan send 200 thousand yuan namely, with this analogize (cannot exceed total room value 10% ) ; "Stage of scene of the 5th garden " add 1 yuan to send whole house clothbound to repair namely, buy a room to 9.58 lose privilege.

Suffer clinch a deal structural influence, at present average price still compares house of Shenzhen whole town tall, in the market all valence exceeds 14000 yuan / the Lou Panji of square metre is supplying little inside Shanghaiguan centrally originally, outside Shanghaiguan building dish the price exceeds 9000 yuan / of square metre already did not see more.

Supply: Achieved in August this year most

On the other hand, shenzhen residence was supplied in August increased to also be brought about directly clinch a deal the quantity picks up. The analysis thinks, as a result of what opened to booking July numerous project just was rolled out in succession in August, shenzhen whole town made public the residential project of put on sale to amount to 16 in August, increase 5 than July, supply the residence 724 thousand square metre, annulus comparing increases 198% , the supply August makes the largest only month supply since this year. Additional, already had longer harbour settle or live in a strange place time and prepare for war building city " Jin Jiuyin 10 " need, most project chooses to entered town in August.
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