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Chongqing program system erupts cubage of change of officer of bribery nest case
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On September 3, court of the first intermediate people accepted Chongqing city Liang Xiaoqi of division of total program of bureau of this city original program, deputy director general is suspected of taking bribes more than yuan of 1500 one case.

Personnel of be found out and brought to justice of system of program of city of near future Chongqing involves bureau of Jiang Yong of original program director, original program total program division and deputy director general
Liang Xiaoqi, wang Zheng of deputy warden of the area in director of substation of program of area of dam of director of office of government of program of area of dam of former Chongqing sanded level ground, sanded level ground, change, bureau of program of the member that bureau of program of former Chongqing city builds management to handle liaison, city uses the ground to plan to manage department section chief, Sha Ping Chen Ming of deputy warden of government of dam division people.

In addition, yellow cloud of deputy warden of area of dam of warden of 9 dragon slope area, sanded level ground is found out and brought to justice to also concern couplet with system of this city program, he because " domain of urban development construction adjusts a program mediumly, ask for the ground to tear open change, return make form a complete set of city building of the cost that ask for the ground, derate beforehand cost, strive for a lot of respect such as favourable policy, huang Yun is passed relevant branch chief warns inside the area, perhaps appear personally to be coordinated about the branch to city class personally, develop profit of a huge sum of business try to gain for many estate, the bribery that receives development business for many times from which " . The bribery case that Huang Yun is suspected of receiving 2.32 million yuan already was in on September 5 change is sessional.

Above a few average per capita and increase estate " cubage is led " reach a change to be concerned with ground property.

Volume ratio is to point to total floor area and the amass with the ground specific value inside building division into districts, to estate development business, cubage rate is higher, the area that can sell for its is more, gain profit more. Cover an area of the land of 10 thousand square metre together, hypothesis volume ratio is 3, mean can build 30 thousand square metre, if raise cubage rate to 3.5, can build 35 thousand square metre. If with every square metre 3000 yuan price sells, can get 15 million yuan more.

To stem " black hole " , chongqing city was announced on August 26 " management of Chongqing city urban and rural program violates discipline to violate way of behavior disciplinary sanction " (next weighing " method " ) ask for opinion draft, this " method " regulation, disobey legal process to revise or the program content such as the cubage rate that arrogate to oneself approves from modification classics, the clue is serious person will in order to dismiss punish. (Oriental net - Cheng Wei of daily of the first finance and economics)
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