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Shenzhen bridal chamber clinched a deal August annulus comparing is added 3 into
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To before period of time is resounding temporarily " collapse dish say " , august clinch a deal data gives the directest answer. The data of the much home orgnaization such as website of beautiful couplet, Central Plains, estate shows, shenzhen skill room clinched a deal in August annulus comparing is added 3 into -- , Shenzhen building city not " collapse dish " .

Supplied annulus in August than breaking up time

Supply increase, sales promotion is strengthened be considered as to pull litre clinch a deal the main reason of the quantity. August is this year since a month with only month the largest supply, share 16 projects to enter town, the area that push carry out 724 thousand square metre, annulus grows 198% than July. "Push goods to break up time, clinch a deal to grow 3 to become only, explain the sale is not ideal. " Baoan is making work building dish sale chief inspector expresses. In addition, lou Panan floats during games sale, also can pull on certain level litre clinch a deal. Among them the project below division of 10 thousand divisions is a delegate, carry out " 1 " the plan makes clinch a deal quantity acute is added.

End of Shenzhen floor price had lasted in August of two months rise trend, clinch a deal all valence makes an appointment with 14342 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing drops 8% . "Market of nearly a few months with a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, large family product is in the majority, so August all valence also can not mirror instead at present the true condition of building city. " department of research of beautiful couplet market says about the personage.

The report of Central Plains is same evidence this. This report shows, the price of average house still goes low, if countryside mixes Baoan on the west,put generous section city of dragon hillock center, the price is reduced more apparent. A person of extraordinary powers that the near future enters town curtilage the project fixes a price also relatively lower before. The sea month with town is being entered by August 5 period for exemple, all valence is not worth 20 thousand yuan / square metre, this also is the lowest price of this area.

Autumn hand in will have before the meeting more than dishes 20 enter town

Besides a few projects that already joined city last week, in autumn hand in Shenzhen still has 20 many projects to enter the market before the meeting. Among them two areas predict outside Shanghaiguan the Lou Panda that roll out goes to 18: Baoan will have 9 new dish into city, it is respectively on the west of countryside rich connect a city 5 period, in elegant room of grain billows hill, phoenix, 10 thousand fine horse are collected and enrol city of sunlight of city of business overseas Chinese, waterside pavilion hill of Long Hua the 2nd batch, bank of red of the Milky Way and lane of the river on the scholarly family, of Song Gang in Long Gang of; of Xi Anhua government office predicts the sea to also 9 projects are rolled out, it is flourishing age of the Christian era respectively the 2nd batch, badge king government office 2 period the 2nd batch, park earth, water La Wan, wind faces international east, day of Qing Lin diameter, every phenomenon becomes 10 thousand branches, faith samite garden, the 5th.
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