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Shanghai evens more 4 into the building dish price drops highest drop exceed 3 t
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"In 7, of price of house of two months of 8 Shanghai drop the building that there already were 44.8 % in the process dish price appears drop, went up last year an older building dish drop this more miserably. " yesterday, research center of bless power estate (next weighing " bless power " ) the contract price that indicates through putting on record on statistical net, make afore-mentioned conclusion.

Bless power statistic mix first half of the year this year 7, traded twice in August 212 period of time is more active new dish, among them the building of 10 % dish the price falls a more than 10 % ; The corresponding period, go up the building of a more than 10 % dish occupy than 13.2 % . The corresponding period, go up, drop a building in 10 % less than dish have respectively 89 mix 73, the 42 % that hold sum total each and 34.4 % . Overall and character, the building that exceeds an in part dish still be in " rise in price " .

All computation ankyloses according to showing at present Shanghai building city still lies in. "As a result of the delay aftereffect that data behaves, the building that still has 55.2 % dish the price is rising, but in ' Jin Jiuyin 10 ' depreciate in the round add data delay aftereffect, clinch a deal the building that the price drops dish predicting meeting is increasing. " Xue Jianxiong of bless power director is right " daily of the first finance and economics " the analysis says.

Xue Jianxiong thinks, had dropped 22 buildings of more than 10 % dish distributing in whole town most district, "Went up last year a too old building dish, drop the most miserably nowadays. "

According to the statistical result of this orgnaization, in far two bays city and mansion of name of peaceful government office the building inside two core dish drop respectively 31.5 % and 12.3 % , these two buildings dish go one year go up be as high as 54.7 respectively % and 44.8 % , another drops an older downtown building dish it is a building that is located in Xu Huibin river dish, drop a 20.2 % , this dishes last year go up for 84 % .

The 10 thousand families that the near future gets attention fully are aureate elegant build drop for 15.3 % , and the house price by the side of this Lou Panzhou is going the beginning of the year still is less than 8000 yuan / square metre. Xue builds powerful analysis to say, aureate elegant build open quotation of the beginning of the year to be as high as 18000 yuan / square metre, a more than 125 % go up under photograph comparing, eliminate decorates the promotion that builds character with 10 thousand divisions, go up also exceed 100 % , drop nowadays 15.3 % do not calculate big.

And notable is, depreciate the building of before extent ranks 3 dish obtain good gains. The reporter arrives as we have learned through computation of this orgnaization all, row " depreciate a list of names posted up " of head of a list of names posted up in far two bays city 7, clinched a deal August before a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is compared 6 months are much still into. 7, the price dropped August amount to 29.6 % " big Hua Yi and China city 3 period 2B " more than first half of the year carry out near 7 into. Same, rank depreciate " explore is beautiful " of banquet " big Hua Jinxiu China city " of 2 months clinch a deal the quantity is far also super- first half of the year.
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