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First floor dish after 6000 " fall 12 hours, diving of house price " renews cost
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Recently, the building of world Maobin river that is located in Nanjing city north dish house price " diving 6000 " the tide seeing a room that the message causes a citizen. Nevertheless, come the person buying a house of the spot feels him however by " flicker " , too tall or the floor of or of source of special offer room that is not worth 20 is too low, or building front, set model have drawback, allow option of person have no way. What make a person accident more is, yesterday evening, development business announces to renew cost price again again, the building city that price raises after performing to depreciate first " big " .

"Some houses go in picture labyrinthian "

The reporter saw in the spot yesterday, because develop the privilege that business gives out really very inviting, highest in the past sell every square metre the house of 15 thousand, minimum price has many 8000 only now, the citizen person wave that will see a room accordingly is moved. Mr Wu comes to the citizen early to the selling office of world Mao Binjiang greatly, in the salesperson guide below, look around inside a house that he comes to to 01 first floor.

"Looking from outside still is pretty good, can go in, resemble with respect to the feeling ' labyrinthian ' same " , mr Wu tells a reporter, of this ring room cover model design existence problem, the house front of 100 much square metre does not calculate too, the place of part of side side part is more, after going in circle easily, make the feeling in popular feeling not quite carefree, so although house price from 13 thousand fell many 8600, he still does not plan to buy.

The reporter still encountered the investment objective that a Qingdao will come to could there be in the spot, he tells a reporter, hear of 559 to world Mao Binjiang depreciates, specially comes look, "What I look is the house that covers first floor, kitchen ah gazebo ah of what, all is being blocked by a hotel outside, I was forced to abandon " . He still tells a reporter, this big public house not only block up the line of sight of first floor resident, the house of 2 buildings also is affected, sell it is excusable to be not dropped.

Somebody asks " determined return a house "

Yesterday in the tide seeing a room of spot of world Mao Binjiang, the reporter still discovered many firm demands retreat the citizen of the room, before the reporter goes up, ask ability knows, so these old owner bought the house of world Mao Binjiang at high price before, see development business depreciates in a large-scale now, have bit of not reconciled to. A person buying a house of rage says, "I spent the 5 million house that bought rivers of two the Maobin that cover a world, estimation of price of total now house wants ' shrink ' 1 million, who does not feel distressed? I come over today, should discuss a view with development namely " .

Follow reporter introduction according to him, his dissatisfactory main reason, it is a high-grade public house was built in the village, personnel of pass in and out is jumbly; 2 be depreciate this agitation, let old owner feeling be deceived, at that time the price of more than 10000 general falls now 559, let a person cannot be accepted.
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