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Pan Shige " goes up quote of young lady of building of incessant " carry out gra
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On September 2, shi Ge of SOHO China president Pan ever emphasized " new tariff begins to carry out from today. " but up to yesterday afternoon 16 when, the reference drafting carry out that SOHO of below SOHO China banner 3 lis of collect registers in net of Beijing estate buying operation all valence still maintains the price level August: Apartment kind 40000 yuan / square metre, commerce kind 60000 yuan / square metre, office building kind 38000 yuan / square metre. More those who make a person amazed is, the reporter is dark visit discovery, when the salesperson of SOHO of 3 lis of collect quotes external, still sign up for before rising in price all valence. To response of this SOHO China, pan Shige will be in next time when the net chats, because He Chi is late,price of carry out reference drafts on explanatory net changeless.

Carry out building young lady avoids carry rise in price

What towering like a mountain peak with Panshi is high-key rise in price different, the carry out building of SOHO China member speak of to rise in price want bashful much.

The likelihood is experience media is dark before absorbing the lesson that seek, pass a telephone call again when the reporter, with intermediary name dark when visitting selling office of SOHO of 3 lis of collect, the operator asks the client must speak the full name of young lady of carry out building that recieves before this, ability provides newest sale price information.

The reporter ever learned when investigation on September 1, the apartment of SOHO of 3 lis of collect all valence is 38000 yuan of ~40000 yuan / square metre. And yesterday the quote of a young lady of carry out building of SOHO is 35000 yuan of ~38000 however yuan / square metre, say these room sources are clothbound builds a house. In the meantime, lump-sum payment can be hit 9.4 fold, bank loan can be hit 9.8 fold; The person that buy a house additionally still can enjoy the open quotation privilege of 2% ; If buy the total amount of property to be able to exceed 20 million yuan, can enjoy the open quotation privilege of 3% . Additionally the quote of office building also has 38000 yuan only / square metre.

Young ladies of afore-mentioned carry out building did not mention the thing that rise in price all the time, allude till the reporter the building of SOHO China dish had risen in price a few days this it seems that, her Caizhizhiwuwude says, have truly rise in price its thing.

"38000 yuan / square metre price is all valence, but in fact the price of each flatlet has rise. " she quotes external to reporter explanation so manage changeless account.

In the meantime, she thinks any building dish sell remaining part dish can rise in price, so SOHO of 3 lis of collect carries valence to attribute normal phenomenon.

Nevertheless, when she says this word, apparent end enrages inadequacy, advise reporter does not change because of the price of 5% and abandon buying SOHO of 3 lis of collect again and again " good chance " , saw a room say again first.
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