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Green jade water is manorial hundreds villatic illicit builds chaos to build pro
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Yesterday, the reporter is received inform against say, the green jade water that is located in prosperous to make the same score an area is manorial and villatic group inside, a lot of villatic owner are in illicit build chaos to build, affected the normal life of other owner badly. The reporter investigates discovery, this are villatic group inside put in this problem really. Village property says, illicit the villa that builds chaos to build is many, they are persuaded and allot an announcement cannot block the way. Group of canal of city of prosperous smooth area is right this also have no alternative, state this kind of situation is very general, their branch is solved hard.

■ the spot a few villa changes extend at the same time

Live in green jade water manorial 12 Ms. Dong says 30 divisions, last year the end of the year, her home ahead 16 owner begins 30 areas extend, as the progress of the project, 16 all round 3 greenbelt are destroyed, villa is on original basis to all round outspread two meters, floor also has add tall, affected the daylighting of her home directly.

Ms. Dong says, because of extend, two villatic distances are pulled close, she the toilet of a 2 buildings to 16 window, must pull a curtain in the evening by day. Ms. Dong says, this lets her live in household lost safe sense, her home is helpless moved in Feburary this year live somewhere else.

The reporter is in last noon 30 areas see before 16 villa, the greenbelt all round villa is destroyed basically, extend still is continueing. The spot is raising a large number of scaffold, piling up a lot of building materials, workers are eating lunch. This villatic owner tells a reporter, his villatic housetop daylighting is bad, he wants to change flat-roofed. He goes to program bureau newspaper approving before extend did not obtain pay attention to, feel " also oneself buy the greenbelt inside villa, empty move still is inferior to building a house, still can live more some of person " , he subsequently start working.

The reporter discovers at the same time, very much home exists inside villatic area change extend appearance. Two villa that company of property of a distance is less than 100 meters also are in construction, villatic courtyard is whole be opened by dig, 78 are saying in the worker of construction, they are building a basement for villatic host. These alone every floor area has villa on 1000 square metre, every villa still has a garden that covers an area of on 1000 square metre, change extend to undertake in the garden commonly.

■ property strive is prevented intentional feebly

Villatic area property is green jade water manorial property runs a company. One name forest of this company surnames general manager to say, property knows these revise extend project is completely illicit build chaos to build, but property does not have method to this.

He says, this kind of circumstance already existed old, illicit the villa that builds chaos to build is many, after the newspaper is approved, doing not have take construction testimony permissibly. According to relevant law provision, this kind of conduct is illegal, built house also is belonged to violate build. After property discovers, all undertook persuading, even also make known to lower levels shutdown advice note, but without any owner pay attention to. Some owner pull down villa entirely even, rebuild again a villa.
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