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" civil building is energy-saving byelaw " announce (add full text)
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Chinese government net publishs the State Council of People's Republic of China to make the 530th, announce " civil building is energy-saving byelaw " .
Civil building is energy-saving byelaw
General principles of the first chapter
The first to strengthen civil building energy-saving management, the sources of energy in reducing civil building to use a process is used up, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, enact this ordinance.
This the 2nd byelaw place says civil building is energy-saving, it is to show in what make sure civil building uses function and quality of indoor hot environment premise falls, reduce its to use the activity that the sources of energy in the process uses up.
This byelaw place weighs civil building, it is to point to the other and public construction such as line of business of building of living building, national office office and commerce, service, education, sanitation.
Government of the 3rd various people ought to strengthen the leadership of energy-saving to civil building job, breed civil building actively energy-saving service market, perfect and civil building is energy-saving service system, urge civil construction the development application of energy-saving technology, had made civil structure the conduct propaganda of energy-saving knowledge teachs the job.
The 4th country is encouraged and give aid to in build build and have a building already energy-saving solar energy, terrestrial heat is used to be able to wait in transforming but second birth the sources of energy.
Be in the area that has solar energy to use a condition, government of concerned place people and its branch ought to take effective measures, encourage and give aid to unit, individual installs the solar energy such as system of refrigeration of system of warm water system of use solar energy, lighting, heat addition system, heating to use a system.
Branch of director of construction of the 5th the State Council is in charge of complete countryman using the supervisory management with energy-saving building to work. Branch of director of construction of government of people of place of prefectural class above is in charge of area of politics of one's own profession the supervisory government with civil energy-saving building works.
Government of people of prefectural class above concerns a section ought to according to the regulation of this byelaw and the duty division of labor that this class people government sets, be in charge of the concerned job with civil energy-saving building.
Branch of director of construction of the 6th the State Council ought to be in the country is energy-saving in below guidance of long-term and special program, civil building of work out whole nation is energy-saving program, join with relevant program photograph.
Branch of director of construction of government of people of place of prefectural class above ought to organize a work out the civil building of area of politics of one's own profession is energy-saving program, the newspaper is carried out after approval of this class people government.
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