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" Zhengzhou city cheap hires housing to guarantee idea " carried out on Septembe
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Report from our correspondent rose on September 1 this year, new " Zhengzhou city cheap hires housing to guarantee idea " will carry out formally, yesterday, the reporter is in charge of bureau know from Zhengzhou town house, want to apply for to have cheap to rent a house, the applicant must obtain Zhengzhou constant resident mouth 6 years of above.
Often live 6 years to have application qualification
With old cheap photograph of measure of the government that rent a house is compared, new measure beneficiary beneficiary group enlarge range of low income family from lowermost income family, but often living to raise a threshold on the registered permanent residence of population.
According to town house tubal bureau concerns chief introduction, old cheap hires room government measure to set, application family must have urban town constant resident mouth, and there is one person to gain number of households and total population of this city town 3 years at least in the family above, full 1 of ingoing of other member registered permanent residence year above. And new measure regulation, application matchs the family that hire, its family member has one person to obtain this city at least constant resident mouth 6 years of above. Domestic member is like those who have ingoing of registered permanent residence, ingoing needs 2 years of above.
   Application should be an unit with the family
Accord with conditional family, OK and direct to census register seat street agency or countryside (town) the government is gotten " Zhengzhou city cheap hires housing to guarantee application form " , offer written application. When application, the applicant should be an unit with the family, application cheap hires the family of housing, legal must be had between its member provide for, bring up and raise a concern, the member that applies for a family to need choose to have capacity of completely civil action makes an applicant.
When the citizen is applying for, need submits booklet of registered residence, Id and marriage certificate, maiden, should offer relevant proof from what different perhaps berefts of his spouse; Nucleus of civil administration branch sends " gold of safeguard of life of lowest of dweller of Zhengzhou city town gets card " other perhaps and lawful low income proof; Without housing or the proof of area of housing of average per capita under 12 square metre.
New measure asks, street agency or countryside (town) after the government is accepted, put forward to hear an opinion, undertake in seat of applicant census register at the same time fair show, fair show after expiring, will apply for data and branch of civil administration of area of opinion pass on. Branch of area civil administration offers opinion of examine and verify with respect to the income issue that files a family, again cheap of pass on area is hired do. Area cheap is hired do after examine and verify is consentient, the newspaper sends city cheap to hire do review nucleus, fair show. Consentient hind, the cheap that city cheap hires the nucleus after doing to undertake registering to the applicant to send whole town to unite number hires housing to ensure a proof, the content such as time of standard of clear safeguard means, safeguard, approval and period of validity, reside dwelling place and website of city estate management board in the applicant (w w w . c of d of z z f . g o v . c n ) go up to publish a result to the society.
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