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Government of Zhengzhou city people fulfils construction of project of safeguard
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Zheng Zhengwen 〔 2008 〕 121

Government of each division people, city people government concerns a section, each concern an unit:

Ensure numerous people " live to be resided somewhat " the major move that the seventeen big report that is a party solves problem of the people's livelihood certainly, it is the main responsibility of various government. To ensure government of the province that finish is opposite of Zhengzhou city make known to lower levels " economy of start working construction is applicable 2008 housing 1 million square metre and cheap of start working construction hire 1.5 million square metre, complete housing 150 thousand square metre " goal assignment, offer the following opinion:

One, the principle that work of construction of safeguard sex housing should hold to to be given priority to with the area, execute management of target system of job responsibility, regard city people government as a when assess to achievement in one's post of government of each division people serious content. Government of each division people wants strict according to " housing ensured working responsibility condition 2008 " requirement, accelerate right " about make known to lower levels applicable housing and cheap hired economy 2008 the announcement that housing construction plans " (comfort hair changes urban 〔 2008 〕 260) affirmatory project examine and verify and report the job, cogent solve project of housing of good safeguard sex to build the problem that use the land to regard as be in office for civilian specific reflect. Want to ensure sexual housing to build the task according to this area, make detailed work plan, discharge time limit for a project, make clear project construction to specific lot with the ground, , the safeguard measure that complete time regards the target that finish as the task falls to real point. Construction of project of plan of housing of sex of each area safeguard fulfils a circumstance to want to ensure the job to head a group at housing of family of city low income signing up for before July 31 with the ground.

2, government of each division people plans jointly with city sectional basis " Zhengzhou city solves difficulty of housing of low income family to develop program and annual plan (2008-2010 year) " , urban overall planning and comfort hair change urban 〔 2008 〕 260 files, weave safeguard sex housing plans with the ground, the specific area that ensures construction of sexual housing project clearly and specific lot. Those who want domesticity of mature low income and obtain employment field is actual, accomplish scientific program, equitable distribution.

3, applicable housing and cheap hire economy housing project executes only kind, newspaper to approve with the ground preferential. City land natural resources and land reserve branch are supplied in land preferential arrangement wants to ensure sexual housing construction to use the land in the plan, accelerate deal with each formalities.
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