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The Central Bank, silver-colored inspect will be severe accuse to build loan of
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Recently, the Central Bank, silver-colored inspect can allot jointly " the announcement that accelerates managing intensive to use the land about finance " (next weighing " announcement " ) . The announcement expresses clearly, "Natural resources of finance of scientific and reasonable configuration, form is didymous the effective tie that uses land and drive are very necessary " .

Inform a requirement of each finance orgnaization should support managing intensive low effectiveness ground, actively to be a principle with the ground with restricting extensive strictly, with great infrastructure, public facilities, industry establishment collective of construction, country is built attach most importance to a dot with the domain such as the ground and commerciality estate, the credit that increases wild phase to answer closes legally compasses examine, improve financial service further, guide actively and drive managing intensive to use the land.

In aggrandizement policy requirement, strict construction uses ground project loan to run a side, the announcement is used " 4 strict " made clear again multinomial prohibit sexual regulation.

The first it is administration of loan of strict construction project, prohibit offerring loan to support to the project that does not accord with requirement of program and control, prohibit to violate the project that use the land to provide loan support.

The 2nd it is strict and municipal infrastructure and examine and verify of loan of industrial land project.

The 3rd it is management of credit of strict commerciality estate. Inform requirement finance of the orgnaization, prohibit developing an enterprise to extend to be used technically at capture to make the loan of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of land sell one's own things to estate; Land lays in loan to take guaranty kind, should have lawful land to use card, loan mortgage rate is top the 70 % that must not exceed pawn to assess value, in principle of loan time limit does not exceed 2 years.

The 4th it is construction of strict country collective administration of loan of the project that use the land.

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