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"8 · 31 " land is restricted 4 years greatly: Land supply and demand amounts to
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Land is restricted to review greatly:

Land is restricted to already came greatly show have not people awaits respond to a curtain call land revolutionary ending

See essence through the phenomenon: The estate after 831 land are restricted to pass greatly is faced with change bureau

"Land is restricted greatly " effect still does not have any indication to offer estate new chance

On September 3, 2008 afternoon, beijing, sunshine is warm warm, but this kind warms warm sunshine and cold and cheerless of Beijing land market form bright contrast. Fan Xiaochong of 100 groups vice president opens sunshine chronically computer, click government of Beijing land bureau to stand for earth mat, the discovery after opening a webpage has a ground to trading only however, and press a plan, beijing has 34 ground sell one's own things at least this month.

After from 2004 31 land of 8 · are restricted greatly, already 4 years, the day price that begins from 2006 takes the land, the land that appears to the end of 2007 sheds mark, arrive again nowadays break temporarily for. Beijing land market has not achieved the status that supply and demand balances it seems that.

Interview in the center expert calm says, 8 · the 31 advantages that are restricted to its oneself cannot is likened to greatly, but undeniable, remain 8 · 4 this years the 31 policy that are restricted greatly are digested period, beijing land trades and did not transfer to be commercialized normally on real significance in the center.

■ real estate archives

31 village god of 8 · are great be restricted

In March 2004, ministry of land natural resources, censorial ministry allotted jointly " manage auction of invite public bidding of sexual land access to hang out one's shingle about continueing to begin circumstance of sell one's own things executes the law the announcement of censorial job " (namely " 71 order " ) , the demand rises from August 31, 2004, the land of all management sexes is uniform should make public contest price sell one's own things. That is to say, before August 31, 2004, city of each province area must not use consultative way sell one's own things to manage a gender because of historical bequeath problem again state-owned land access, the way that sexual land runs of be current with consultative sell one's own things previously is made formally stop.

This file returns a regulation, after August 31, 2004, expand business must gold of sell one's own things of seasonable pay land, and if be inside two years,do not develop, the government can call in this land. This is famed and landed bound " 8 · 31 be restricted greatly " .

8 · 31 all around year

Land supplies archives

"8 · 31 be restricted greatly " by the agreement takes ground instead to must trade publicly before, this from go up at all the way that changed development business to acquire land, a when become means of land sell one's own things to change " watershed " . But since policy carries out 4 years, land supplies a case not hopeful.
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