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Clinched a deal in August plot only market of 9 Beijing land is entered " winter
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The building city of Beijing is entered gradually " freezing point " , clinch a deal the quantity is done not have " get warm again after a cold spell " evidence. Of building city low confuse what affect land market directly to go situation. According to research center of land of Chinese index academy the information that monitor shows, beijing land market was not rolled out August action pat hang land, and 12 plot entered town July; Beijing land market clinched a deal August number of plot an administrative unit in Xizang is 9, and clinched a deal July 23, annulus exceeds 60% than dropping. 9 plot that clinch a deal, only 2 involve the residence to use the land, a sports that be made the same score by the prosperous that 9 Mount Hua take smoothly uses the land (but compatible travel uses the land) , those who remain is workshop and industrial land.

Beijing clinchs a deal action pat hang land circumstance watch



Than going up the month grows

Clinch a deal plot an administrative unit in Xizang is counted (ancestor)



- 61%

Clinch a deal plot area (square metre)



- 31%

Clinch a deal on average the price (yuan)

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