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Unmanned contest buys popular lot Shanghai residence uses the land this year hea
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Although attracted 29 enterprises to get,hang out his shingle file, but initiative floor price already exceeded periphery to be in the 7C of area of business affairs of long wind zoology of price of carry out house boreal piece plot is final because of " unmanned make inquires " and shed mark. This also is Shanghai land market encounters the residence uses the ground to shed mark first this year.

Last week 5 it is 7C of area of business affairs of long wind zoology originally the day picking a brand of boreal piece plot, but because do not have an enterprise to sign up,contest is bought, this once is considered as the most popular this year residence to must accept the destiny that sheds mark with the ground.

7C north piece plot is area of business affairs of long wind zoology the first residence that roll out uses the land, before this also because its are pure of the residence " rare be short of " property and be paid close attention to extensively by the market. Make public information to show, shared 29 development business to get 7C of boreal piece plot hang out one's shingle file, also be this plot place get in the 18 land announcement that belong to hang out one's shingle file enterprise is most.

Announcement shows, 7C north piece plot is located in red Ba Lu with on the west, to the south of harbor of Jin Shajiang Lu Yina, wood showing disrespect or contempt, be in the northwest horn of area of business affairs of whole modes of life and relation to their environment length wind; Earthy floor accumulates 68103.7 square metre, area of sell one's own things 50799.7 square metre, cubage is led 2.2, ask 70% above build the general goods house under 90 square metre.

But the reporter discovers at the same time, long wind residence board piece the station that start was in very tall " step " on. Although grow respect of area of wind zoology business affairs to think 7C north piece it is more reasonable that one billion six hundred and five million three hundred thousand yuan base price returns lot, but convert comes down to be as high as 14364 yuan / the initiative floor price of square metre had exceeded periphery to be in the price of carry out residence, this may be the main reason that development business flinchs.

In fact, be based on changeover of estate market situation, catenary of capital of development business protection already was inspected bring about land market treats cold main reason this year. The plot of 4 southeast commerce that is like area of business affairs of congeneric zoology length wind by before contest buys person Shanghai annals to become go back of company limited company, this ground already appeared in the 28 land announcement of the near future afresh, before 764 million yuan base price compares this clinch a deal price became low 30% .

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