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Ministry of land natural resources: The attempt builds land to arrange answer cu
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Ministry of land natural resources was given out a few days ago " the announcement that develops the work about strengthening land to arrange answer cultivate further " say, want strict compensatory farmland, stand fast red line of 1.8 billion mus of farmland. The announcement returns a requirement, active exploration is commercialized run mode, guide the social capital such as company, enterprise to participate in land to arrange answer cultivate to develop a project. Conditional place, can try to build land to arrange answer cultivate to develop fund, enlarge capital channel.

According to introducing, come more than 10 years, countrywide land arranges answer cultivate to develop the work from start to be advanced in the round, in resource of compensatory farmland, protection farmland, raise agricultural put together to add up to productivity, optimize agricultural ground structure, ensure commissariat and zoology safety, hui Minli civilian waited for a respect to produce main effect. But accelerate as what our country industrialized town changes a course, supply and demand of land natural resources is contradictory and outstanding, stand fast red line of 1.8 billion mus of farmland faces grim challenge. Current, land arranges answer cultivate to develop the job to return existence target strength of onefold, compensatory farmland is insufficient, occupy filling balance task to was not fulfilled completely, the program plans as a whole lack of power, capital is collected use still difference, superintendency job does not reach the designated position wait for outstanding issue.

At this point, announcement requirement, branch of various land natural resources wants the place benefit of land of strict according to arranges answer cultivate to develop farmland of program and year complement to plan with overall planning, land, cogent organization finishs compensatory farmland job, ensure the farmland inside area of politics of one's own profession does not retain under what the program sets quantity task. Should fulfil farmland strictly " hold filling balance " system, of all kinds blame farming construction takes up farmland, should base oneself upon at this city, the complement inside prefectural administration area is finished. Finish less to mothball resource hard really, can plan as a whole inside province region by branch of provincial land natural resources arrangement, forbidden cross a province (area, city) compensatory farmland.

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