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Foreign capital is a good deal of the policy outside sweeping goods land market
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Answer to a riddle was opened on September 12.

Landed bound is blatant temporarily Guangzhou east tower invite public bidding ends, final flower falls new world China is landed below banner of great good fortune of week of Hong Kong company.

In fact, send chill more in building city, because capital catenary is nervous,more and more inland develop business, during be forced to return the land that spit store up in great quantities, the foreign capital orgnaization that is good at capital running is ceaselessly however on land market with great quantity " sweep money " .

"Do you have the detailed data that equity of Beijing land project makes over? " on September 8 morning, hong Kong appears on the market beauty of love of room look forward to is in Beijing high the Ms. Guo in succession of agency made many telephone calls to the reporter, agog mood is in overtones. Origin is, our newspaper September 5 " develop business " the tide that spit the ground " on the verge of breaking out " in the report, mentioned " Beijing is having 7 land project to hang out one's shingle at present 100% equity sell one's own things " .

When partner of Hai Mande firm Ms. Cai Lin that makes advisory service for foreign capital orgnaization only accepts our newspaper 11 days to interview, say: "Everyday can foreign capital company comes recently with respect to partial parcel inquiry, it is a few projects of 100 million at every turn. "

Building city grand attune from tighten the unused land that releases, have however nowadays be received by foreign capital dish continue corner evidence. This is not the result that administrative layer is willing to see apparently.

"The policy that invests building city in the light of foreign capital can have faster step to come on stage before long, relevant section opinion is united basically already. " a personage that approachs the government discloses solely to our newspaper 11 days under the counter. And it is before a week, exchange control bureau returns dispatch to make clear pair of foreign capital to undertake limitative in equity investment of inland.

Foreign capital " beg the ground to be like thirsty "

If not be information of sell one's own things of land of more of urgent consider understanding, love beauty's tall Ms. Guo is not willing to be contacted with media apparently, "We are in investment movement of inland is low-key all the time " .

Low-key do not mean do not act. She tells a reporter, love beauty is tall to Beijing a large amount of land make over a project to be interested very much, thinking is a the main chance that enters through equity at present.

10 days, the reporter dials Ms. Guo telephone, after hearing a few offerred land to transfer information, she expresses, the project of land of Xin harbor home that already made the same score with prosperous before this has had a contact, but " the area of 5000 square metre is not quite large " ; And she is wide to announce military division the project of land of Jin Gonghua garden that the area covers an area of to be 38538.788 square metre outside installing the gate, made a record in detail.
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