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Former deputy director general of bureau of Chongqing land natural resources is
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"I admit my guilt, disagree to accusing I am done not have. " Wang Bin of president of limited company of landed group of former deputy director general of city land natural resources and building management board, former city (main hall class) , because be suspected of more than yuan 170 receiving RMB of bribery amount to, was in city yesterday 5 quadrangle be on trial be on trial. Careful of whole front courtyard does not have intense debate, without any withdraw a confession, this is regarded by development business " mammon as form of a address for an official or rich man " fall equestrian deputy director general, admit to oneself crime.

The first time bribery appearance one cover

Procuratorate accusation, came 2003 during case hair, wang Bin uses protection of sell one's own things of the land commandeer that masters in the hand, land, farmland and land program to wait examine and approve administrative power force, for estate development business and relevant unit get land access, reduce the means such as standard of gold of land sell one's own things to provide a help, and from which collection boodles in great quantities.

According to investigation of procuratorial work office, bribery contrail of Wang Bin is the earliest can restrospect to 1995. 1993, wang Bin is in a Chongqing city estate management board distinguishs in city when bureau deputy director general, should some building develops Chongqing of Zhang Mou of company general manager hold in the palm, access of housing of the Ou Mou in winning city for its provided a help; Subsequently two years during, already the Wang Bin of deputy director general of management board of estate of preferment Chongqing city helps Zhang Mou trade to city house property again the building of some edifice skirt that the center sells this company to develop.

After this, the area in change of Zhang Mou general is beautiful only officer market 108 thousand yuan business shop sent a value Wang Bin, the brushstroke that this is Wang Bin takes bribes.

Develop business to be being chased after by air send money

The biggest money that Wang Bin receives content is Chongqing something course of study general manager of development limited company acts according to 180 Duopingmi's houses that board, value is close 700 thousand yuan of RMBs, wang Bin handled house property card with the name of sweetheart nephew. In addition, after Wang Bin takes bribes early or late will many yuan 20 stock a bank with other name inside card.

And investigate according to procuratorial work mechanism, person of the bribery in this case often very exquisite strategy, often act according to when passing a part too on " celebrate a festival cost " , or the plane that rents Wang Bin to go out serves " travelling expenses " . Wang Bin is explained, 2006 the Spring Festival, wang Bin carries family to head for Shenzhen amuse oneself, after development business is informed some estate, Chongqing flies to Shenzhen personally from Shanghai, drive before what Wang Bin multiplies a flight to descend to wait to be exported in the airport, 5000 dollars serve directly later. Before Wang Bin ever still went to Brazil, Argentina and Europe afore, received hear the news the dollar that coming development business delivers and euro bribe gold.
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