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The net judges: Is real estate first " shuffle " or first " help city " ?
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Be called in former days Chinese building city " Jin Jiuyin 10 " seasonal, having bringinging filar silk a nip in the air nowadays. Remember not long ago, su Yigou of dawn of the first month of manager of group of the room in famous and landed company: "What price can fall, only alone house price absolutely falls to be not gotten! " offend come board brick horizontal stroke flies, the quarrelling sound. Building city began to adjust really now: Afterwards after 10 thousand divisions take the lead in depreciating, 13 buildings that constant earth produces the whole nation dish also begin to protect this " reduction sale " . Can predict, the procession that business general must join more and more estate to depreciate.

Be in early this year April, development business puts word: "If house price drops, most of predecease is a bank " , regrettablly distend of this word cowhide dot. The United States second those who borrow the crisis affect, make superintendency branch of China realizes financial venture, make each commercial bank urgently severe control venture of loan of real estate Wu, to estate loan spreads out a risk to be checked oneself, hand-in-hand travel " pressure of risk of real-estate loan business checks " . Money is tightened up, those who rely on bank loan to be very popular is used to in former days, drink hot development business people play not to turn a bit.

To current building city should be saved, opinions vary. House price drops the person that the interest is damaged is appeal of bang the drum for sb helps city of course, it is for instance when house price is rising the development business with earn basin full full earthen bowl, because house price drops,sell ground income reductive a few local government, a few be returned those who show to do not have there's still time to cover by the alleged expert scholar of feed and those fry lodger.

Someone says, resemble the market economy country that the United States develops highly in that way, beautiful to room ground with Fang Limei inflict aids, why doesn't China help city? Actually American government fact rescues them city and China are saved helping building city is two different matters, after because American room is borrowed,mortgaging negotiable securities to change, second the chain-reacting that borrows the crisis to cause may cause inestimable ruinous effect to American economy, also can affect governmental credence at the same time, consequently American government sets out to just move to be saved from whole economy overall situation. And Chinese situation is different, the proportion that Chinese room borrows business place to take bank loan business is not high, and basically nonexistent mortgage negotiable securities to change, when at present consequently domestic building city is adjusted and doing not have pair of Chinese economy have a fractures.

Be in at present, the government should not move to help city, still have at least the following 3 reason:
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