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Apply for a job not 6 everybody reside anxious geomantic layout aids your to app
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1. has noble luck

Interview is about to promote, need has noble, in the gate, enter namely this curtilage the space outside the first indoor door, unfavorable accumulation is sundry, make a space vast and ventilated, bright. The shoe in shoe ark, should be washed frequently at Qing Dynasty and insolate, in order to reduce dirty gas. Maize vitality, light or color are the energy that enrols money, also be the energy of noble, be in li of flower that furnishs yellow or the lamp that furnish chimney of a yellow, wall lamp Yi Ke.


2. Suffer fully love

Interview is about to love, need has peach blossom, the geomantic region of peach blossom is in the window of own bedchamber. window and glass, clean and clean, the curtain often is cleaned, make bright and clean. The vitality of pink, light or color are the energy that enrols peach blossom, also be the energy of amour. Can furnish pink flower here, or ball of natural pink crystal.


3. Strengthen kiss and

Interview is about to kiss and, need has popularity, the geomantic region of popularity, be in external ” of the balcony before “ and sitting room external ” of “ window, French window. Add glass of clean balcony, window and curtain more. Space of the balcony before letting is open, do not raise pet, shoe needs to receive shoe ark, wash insolate shoe frequently at Qing Dynasty, reduce dirty gas.


4. Increase memory

The preparation before interview can promote the geomantic region of memory, or be in in “ berth ” and “ desk ” , besides the geomantic contraindication that should eliminate stable mood, purple light or color are the energy that increases memory, violet crystal ball or purple lily, orchid can be placed in the head of a bed, desk.


5. Promotion accident

Interview is about to choose, require organic use, human affairs by the geomantic region of appoint, with respect to the “ footpath ” outside the gate. Do path cleanness clean, make its open, unobstructed of pass in and out is not had hinder, shoe needs to receive shoe ark, wash frequently at Qing Dynasty with insolate, reduce dirty gas. Can enhance illume of white photoelectricity lamp here, as fluent as air, or place have running water tub, emerge the spring.
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