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Come nearly one year, the quickness of case of dispute of building business contract that the court accepts increases, among them because sell what the room goes back on his word and cause,many dispute are. Near future of sunny district court heard typical case one case.

860 thousand yuan buy 62.62 square metre building

Consult for many times through both sides and intermediary company, enter the house price that reflects same area, a surname lady and Mr Liu reach building business contract: The housing that the floor area in Mr Liu Jiang Anzhen is 62.62 square metre sells a surname lady with 860 thousand yuan price; A surname lady paid 10000 yuan of deposit to Mr Liu; Both sides agreed building delivery time.

Later, a surname lady and intermediary company begin to deal with the formalities of change the name of owner in a register of the building together, the building registration form that includes mapping branch place to issue among them.

After half month, mapping branch issued building registration form. A surname lady discovers, the actual floor area of house of main rooms of building registration form is 70.22 square metre. Intermediary company signalled this case Mr Liu, according to the regulation, requirement Mr Liu opens circumstance specification to former unit, cooperate to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register.

Actual measurement area is much give 7.6 square metre to cite dispute

The house lived ten years, the housing area that registers on house property card is 62.62 square metre, how is the meeting much give 7.6 square metre? This house changes policy to buy according to unit room, room of Mr Liu unit provides sectional explanation: When room of unit carry out, mapping branch the floor area on issued building registration form, it is the floor area inside the building only, do not include the 7.6 square metre of the balcony.

Mr Liu feels, this 7.6 square metre are the privilege that the unit gives him, before signing a contract with a surname lady, oneself are not witting, so this him contract is signed had a deficit. Then, the price level that Mr Liu asks a surname lady agrees according to the contract, fill again house money 104370 yuan. A surname lady thinks, oneself are to rectify illegally buy up to buy a house, when signing a contract, both sides does not have the unit price of conventional house money; Should not produce change because of the actual measurement area of the building, money paid for something purchased or received for something sold also produces change. She rejects to raise house money. Mr Liu also does not have building of consign of Ms. Xiang Pei.

Both sides sues: The focus is in great misunderstand

Bilateral at the same time to forensic to lodge a complaint. The litigant request of a surname lady is: Requirement Mr Liu continues to fulfil a contract, assist a surname lady to deal with building right to belong to move to register formalities, consign exceed the time limit reachs room penalty due to breach of contract.
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