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Shenzhen mayor talks about estate: Huan of end of quail of of of day of ナ for
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"When it is difficult that estate appears, how to go supporting their steady progress, ensure the health of estate market is mixed successful, the government also is had cannot the responsibility of shirk! " yesterday, be a guest of Xu Zongheng of Shenzhen city mayor " bridge of common feelings of people " , talking everywhere at eventful autumn when Shenzhen building city, xu Zongheng did as above to express.

Xu Zongheng expresses, a mature estate market is two respects: Government of? of dark show off must increase the construction strength that ensures sexual housing, that is to say, cheap is hired house, communal the house that rent, economy is applicable the construction of the room, include a talent to need housing especially... on the other hand, market respect, the demand rule of basis market, supply demand relations will finish. "

Xu Zongheng admits, current estate market appeared inside countrywide limits trend of a large-scale floating. He expresses, to Shenzhen municipal government, will hold to from beginning to end: We should increase? of dark show off effective land furnishs, dish the land that has alive puts an amount; The 2nd, otherwise breaks the structural sex of perfect commodity housing and social housing demand to adjust, satisfy the structural sex of all sorts of different types to adjust, satisfy the citizen's requirement; The 3rd, the health that depends on market of code model estate namely develops; The 4th, increase construction of social security system, the fairness that makes social security reflects it, justice and open; The 5th, pay close attention to the trend that current estate market glides. "

To the development of future of Shenzhen building town, xu Zongheng expresses, the will promote estate hard stability of each respect expands the government, "I believe, advance what as us economy grows steadily, as us capital market returns to a rational condition stage by stage, be opposite as people market of housing, estate a more rational judgement, estate market is met certainly along healthy direction continues to develop. "

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