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Strengthen natural culture groove guard to manage working announcement further
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General office of government of Henan province people about
Strengthen natural culture groove guard to manage working announcement further
Comfort politics does 〔 2008 〕 60

Each save government of administer city people, government office of the civil administration that save a person is departmental the door:

In recent years, my province begins natural groove guard, scenery actively scenic spot the groove guard of of all kinds and natural culture such as area, geological park and silvan park builds the job, protected me effectively to save natural culture resource, accelerated travel estate development and zoology environment construction, enlarged me to save the influence on home and international. But, the value that just protects to natural culture resource personally knows inadequacy, cannot the relation of development of appropriate processing resource and protection, forest of optional inside natural culture groove guard mining, quarry, fell trees and break the law violate the phenomenon such as plan development construction to happen from time to tome. In the meantime, responsibility of management of groove guard of a little natural culture is not clear, do not superintend superintendency problem to also be solved urgently. To strengthen the protective management of groove guard of pair of of all kinds and natural culture further, stimulative economy society and natural zoology are harmonious can develop continuously, agree via saving a government, inform as follows with respect to concerned job now:

One, clutch the program staff that makes groove guard of very natural culture works

Weave natural culture groove guard plans, it is the construction, basis that manages natural culture groove guard and premise. Each district, each want the requirement according to concerned law, code, policy and technical standard about the branch, act on " the expert presents as leading role, sectional efforts, public is participated in, science is decision-making " principle, elaborate organization, increase investment, accelerate plan, science weaves and edit perfect and natural groove guard, scenery scenic spot the overall planning of area, geological park and silvan park, apply for approval be announced after approval lawfully by the program carry out.

The overall planning of groove guard of of all kinds and natural culture, the value characteristic of resource of the construction government existing state of affairs that should analyse groove guard seriously and development trend, of all kinds natural culture, scientific affirmatory program expands target and total position, the protective level of groove guard of serious check and ratify, safeguard and the attrib border coordinate that protect range, build content and construction standard clearly. Culture groove guard should be in of all kinds nature to establish stake on the spot delimiter, inform the content that prohibits building, the community that strengthens a program to carry out is supervised.
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