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3 ministries and commissions are made together " cheap rents a house " schedule
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Cheap hires room construction to standing on the crossroad of capital catenary.

A few days ago, management board of natural resources of Shanghai building land is announced external, begin from July 2008, living space of domestic average per capita the Shanghai family that waits for a condition under 600 yuan under income of 7 square metre, month, all be brought into cheap hires a room to be benefited group.

This is meant, shanghai enjoys cheap to hire the domestic number that housing guarantees this year, will increase 50 thousand from 35562 accumulative total. And before this, change by hair of housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, country appoint, the plan that 3 ministries and commissions announce the Ministry of finance together, countrywide cheap hires room data is ambitious.

This " cheap hired housing job to plan 2008 " had sent toward each provinces () of city, area. Sign and issue jointly according to this 3 ministries and commissions " plan " , the whole nation added cheap newly to hire housing to ensure a number to will achieve 2.5 million 2008, among them objective matchs tenement number to achieve 400 thousand. Such, to the end of 2008, cheap of countrywide accumulative total hires housing to ensure a number to will achieve 3.5 million.

"The cheap of our country hires a room to build all the time walking is faltering, the financing source channel that did not establish stability is one of main reasons. " the university is the same as aid that long-term attention and construction of safeguard of research country housing and cheap hire a room to build teachs Ge Zhenming to express to our newspaper, at this " cheap rents a house " acceleration schedule, how is capital catenary ensured, still be an issue that needs canvass.

Capital catenary hard tie

Hire a room to build safeguard to cheap, it is early by 2007, the Ministry of finance has policy tie. Carried out this on January 1, 2008 " cheap hires housing to ensure fund management measure " stipulated 4 big cheap hire housing to ensure financing source strictly namely.

Source of this 4 big fund includes: Share of income of appreciation of housing accumulation fund; Not less than of 10% scale in gold of land sell one's own things; Budget of city county finance is arranged; In the center of, the accessorial fund that provincial finance budget plans. These 4 origin formed our country cheap to hire the capital catenary hard tie of the room.

On the capital chain that restrains in this policy, most those who get attention is the earnings part that gold of land sell one's own things and housing accumulation fund use at appreciation.

Be in early 2006, the Ministry of finance issues an announcement jointly with ministry of former construction ministry, land natural resources, the cheap of give sb a shot in the arm of 5% or so financing in net income of gold of demand land sell one's own things hires room construction. The reporter inquires know, 2006 the net income of gold of sell one's own things of countrywide city land 297.8 billion yuan, only this hires room construction to contribute 15 billion yuan for countrywide cheap at least together.
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