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One billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred an
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Before the Olympic Games village below curtain of night has a week no longer Bacchic.

On August 27 this day, village of Beijing Olympic Games shuts a village one day, wait to greet new visitor.

Before a certain number of days, bao Ersen of American finance minister issued for village of Beijing Olympic Games " gold " -- " the sources of energy and award of environmental design pioneer " gold prize, the design that praises village of Beijing Olympic Games is China's energy-saving example. According to introducing, this is village of the Olympic Games on Olympic Games history is obtained first " the sources of energy and award of environmental design pioneer " .

When Beijing Olympic Games undertakes, the of 70% building in Olympic Games village had made work individual. Favour of bosom of arrowroot of sale chief inspector introduces to our newspaper reporter, still leave 400 buildings for sale at present. And the sale is very hot, there are 16000 yuan only when open quotation / the country of square metre abstruse village (the name of Olympic Games village can make preparations in the Olympic Games only and use during the Olympic Games, after the Olympic Games ends its will more the name is " country abstruse village " ) already rose reach 30 thousand yuan / square metre. Ge Huaien says, "Develop according to present state, country abstruse village is not anxious sells. "

Be in the building city of chilly is at present medium, abstruse village becomes Beijing state alien. The situation of its sell like hot cakes also with the destiny of village of Athenian Olympic Games formed disparate contrast 2004.

"From run mode to look, it is successful that abstruse village calculates the country to go up absolutely. " village of Beijing Olympic Games builds square, nation limited company of abstruse investment development does not wish the controller of sign one's name expresses when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview.

The Olympic Games of the earliest disinvestment project

When 2006, abstruse village has begun the country open to booking. "Open to booking be the regulation in the file of invite public bidding in in advance. " concerned chief says, because amount of early days investment is huge, to reduce the capital pressure of project, it is OK that as the Beijing country of owner unit abstruse investment expands limited company in advance undertakes opening to booking to apartment of Olympic Games village. The hottest when, olympic Games village once reached the degree that one house demands hard.

Look from the circumstance of nearly 5 Olympic Games, no matter be the los angeles Olympic Games that opens commerce to run a beginning, the most successful Sydney Olympic Games still is known as before this, different level appeared Lou Yu of village of unused, Olympic Games sells stadium house the problem such as difficulty.

The village of Athenian Olympic Games 2004 is located in Athenian city northwest, cost 397 million dollar, cover an area of 1.24 million square metre. Although it is called by Athenian Olympic Games Organizing Committee " on Olympic Games history best " Olympic Games village, but a lot of athletes say, although environment of whole of Olympic Games village is OK still, the establishment inside athlete room is palletter however.
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