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Beijing a house owned by a citizen is aseismatic fortify intensity can fight 9 c
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Beijing the city zone and of the area around build, the aseismatic fortify intensity that revises extend project is 8 degrees, shake graph of parameter division into districts strictly to undertake aseismatic fortify according to the ground. On May 25, beijing earthquake bureau discloses, this city is all project of Olympic Games project passed seismic security evaluation, can ensure safe.

"After Tang Shan earthquake, the civil building of Beijing area undertakes fortify by 8 degrees commonly, be equivalent to can fighting the earthquake that 6 class control namely, standard of aseismatic to the important architectural with the personnel hospital, bigger density such as Olympic Games place fortify, can raise 9 degrees. " doctrine of He Wu of the member that shake of Beijing earthquake bureau kills defence and code to be in survey, if once happen,affect the earthquake that intensity controls for 8 degrees, this city is designed normally and construction quality has assuring architectural essential technique can insusceptible, can say not to need to be maintained individually or still can continue to use through general maintenance, what can assure a building is normal move; Project, easy to major construction generation is serious and secondary calamity project, Olympic Games project and city are main the aseismatic fortify level of lifeline project is higher, experience can move normally when this kind of earthquake.

Current, beijing city construction and the seismic safety problem that the country builds already were brought into " Beijing city overall planning " . The seismic safety that builds thing to building in overall planning and aseismatic fortify problem had special provision: Should implement national mandatory standard strictly to common structure " Chinese earthquake moves parameter division into districts to pursue " , delimit according to graph of division into districts or seismic village offerred requirement undertakes aseismatic fortify strictly; In phase of project optional location the requirement should keep away from as far as possible the earthquake ruptures belt and area of sandy soil liquefaction; Project, easy to major construction generation is serious and secondary the construction project of calamity should undertake seismic security evaluates the work, undertake aseismatic fortify as a result by seismic security evaluation; In rural construction, the requirement builds country and a wide place in the road aseismatic fortify manages a mechanism, begin seismic small division into districts to work, cogent change farming house is aseismatic the state of ability weakness; Formulary city construction should keep away from Gao Yi of seismic vivid fault, geological calamity sends area and area of harbour flood detention, utmost ground prevents and reduce calamity injure consequence to wait.

In last few years, beijing earthquake bureau already regarded working key as the aseismatic fortify of room of rural dweller safety, be in the remote and impoverished area such as Yan Qing, conciliatory, close cloud especially, the requirement each area county concerns a branch to provide aseismatic blueprint to rural villager, undertake to craftsman professional and aseismatic knowledge grooms.
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