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12 stunt: When teaching you to learn to control a house, oneself look geomantic
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Some people learn at ordinary times without time and energy geomantic, but like very much geomantic, learn geomantic have to to learn to rise from months of months of book of river graph the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces cannot, the mouth says ”“ of “ door face each other pays attention to the person of geomantic ” one-sidedly, it is not to study book of river graph the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, do not understand geomantic, just had read a few books just, still be the book of colloquial article. What department position and individual life manage inside geomantic and exquisite external environment is various an union, the Chuanyilin in us expert group also can discuss a plan with respect to the graph only, cannot see all and external environment, also be united in wedlock without energy and individual lot put in order, analyse put in order of a lot to be about a many hour, the analysis on the net can say only now probably, 12 will more popular now kinds of geomantic means give everybody introduction, make reference only.

The 1st court stands in the front door of your home, like that after looks outwards. Look to whether have any old buildings or it is hindering content to writing you, and arise geomantic in learning, indicate " evil spirit of attack by a hidden enemy " . Spire of the telegraph pole on the satellitic antenna of neighbour, street, church, or it is a long road be opposite the gate of your home- - these can be formed so called " evil spirit of attack by a hidden enemy " . If have any can become " evil spirit of attack by a hidden enemy " the thing is right the gate that writes your home, that is affected harmfully to dissolve this to plant, you should be above front door, with lens mouth external means hangs lens of buy the Eight Diagrams.

The methodological postmortem that above of the 2nd action narrates the rear gate of your home and each main windows.

The front door that the 3rd court stands in your home again decides the faces position of your home with compass. You can use the compass compass that male Tong Jun uses, or it is the Chinese compass with luxuriant choiceness (compass) , but in the compass that you must decide to you get on the needle and compass boreal dot is discharged together. (if your at hand does not have compass, you or license find out the position that your home faces with coming with street graph. ) write down this result, after can be done with the optimal azimuth of your individual quite.

Postmortem of the 4th action the entrance of your home, stop the angry flow that comes in from front door without any certainly, and decide outside air can gather quickly indoors. Yao Mingtang of front door inside and outside is open, so other hindrance should want to removed immediately.
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